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HP zd8000 laptop

HP zd8000Now that I have had the pleasure of owning and using the HP zd8000 laptop for a little over a year (I received it on February 14th, 2006 – what a terrific Valentine’s Day present!), I figured it’s about time I review it.
First, I must state that this laptop is not for the faint of muscle. With the power cord and battery this monstrosity tips the scales at 10.5 lbs. Add in a reasonably built and padded carrying bag, and you’re looking at twelve pounds to heft around.

The zd8000 has a impressive 17″ widescreen display, complete with BrightView. The processor is a 3.4 pentium, ram is a nice 1gig worth, and the hard drive is an 80gig. One optical drive provides DVD and CDRW functionality.
Overall, I am *very* pleased with this laptop. It’s heavy, puts off a lot of heat after a while, and is a battery hog, but it has served me well, and I have no plans on parting with it.

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HP Photosmart R967

HP Photosmart R967After reading some excellent reviews and drooling over the HP Photosmart R967 digital camera, I decided to splurge on myself and buy it. At $269.99, this camera is nothing to sneeze at. But it came with a (simplistic) camera dock, and boasted an impressive 10 megapixels.

But as I have found out, a camera’s worthiness isn’t just about megapixels. I enjoy this camera because of the great battery life (better than my Kodak Easyshare Z740), large LCD screen and quick response time (mostly), but I find that it probably wasn’t worth the buy. It is small and compact, which makes it easy to slip in a purse, pocket or diaper bag, and the large viewing screen (3″) makes previewing photos easy and fun, but other than that the camera is a glorified megapixel hog. It doesn’t have any more features or settings than my Kodak, and while it has a longer battery life I don’t think the flash is as good (which may explain why the battery lasts longer).

Don’t get me wrong – the camera takes nice pictures. But I don’t think it’s as wonderful as the manufacturer makes it out to be.

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Tampax Pearl

tampax pearlI have been an avid user of Tampax Pearl since I first discovered them in 2002. I was drawn to the product after hearing so much about the plastic applicator and the contoured grip. My biggest difficulty with tampons has been getting them in – my fingers would often slip off of the finger grip, and/or the applicator itself would collapse inwards, making it nearly impossible to push the plunger in.

But the Tampax Pearls were… different. The applicator was made of sturdy plastic. Not only was the finger grip “ribbed”, but not a circle shape. No, it was more of a rounded rectangle shape, which made gripping very easy. The tampons themselves fit very nicely and snugly. They didn’t slide around, and they didn’t spring any leaks, which eliminated the need for panty-liners. I have used junior, regular and super absorbency, and am very pleased with these tampons.

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Playtex Sport

playtex sportI recently received a sample of Playtex Sport, and decided to go ahead and try something new. Thus far I had used the same kind of tampons that I fell in love with after trying a sample of back in 2002 – Tampax Pearl.
I wish I could report on comfort and absorbency, but sadly I did not get that far. The finger grip of the Playtex Sport is a perfect circle, and even with the lines designed to help with gripping, I could not grip the applicator and push in the plunger. After ruining two tampons, I gave up and tossed the whole sample in the trash.

Bottom line? I would not buy these, and I’ll stick to what works – Tampax Pearl (review coming soon).

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hotslingThe hotsling is a self-described “hands-free baby sling” that aims to convenience parents while bringing a baby closer to its mother or father. I find it to be just that. I ordered a hotsling in early August of 2006, right after my son was born. I got it and began to use it when my son was just three weeks old. He is now six months old, and we still use the hotsling whenever we go out. I have found that breastfeeding him in the sling got easier as he got older, since he is bigger and positioned much closer to my breast than when he was a tiny newborn (he seemed swallowed whole in the sling then!). However, since he is heavier now, I feel more of a strain on my shoulders and sometimes my back, depending on how he is positioned.

But overall, I would definitely rate this sling as being worth the buy and use. It makes outings much easier, since we do not have a double stroller and our two year old is too heavy to carry around yet not old enough to walk everywhere, and I know my son enjoys being so close to me.
This sling is also very soft, very flexible, and easy to clean – all definite pluses!

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