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Lane Bryant fashion jewelry

Lane Bryant banglesI just picked up the silver heart and flower charms that were dangling from a trio set of bangles I purchased at Lane Bryant. This is the second set of bangles that this happened to. I returned the first pair yesterday, and informed the saleswoman that the charms had fallen off of those bangles the day after I purchased them. Her reply is what has put me off of ever buying jewelry from LB again: “Well, they’re not really meant to be worn“. Really? Imagine that! Fashion jewelry made to look like jewelry, advertised as jewelry and sold as jewelry, but certainly not meant to be worn! What on earth am I supposed to do with jewelry I can’t wear?

FWIW, the charms fell off of the second trio bangles the day after I got them.

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E-Starr hosting

E-StarrI ordered hosting service through E-Starr in May of 2006, after no longer doing my own hosting and then experiencing some dissatisfaction and IP issues with the first hosting company I had gone to.
I have now been with E-Starr for a little over a year, and am a very satisfied customer. My account was set up promptly, and any requests or concerns I have contacted them with have been addressed very quickly and courteously. The owner of E-Starr, Amy, has been nothing but helpful and friendly, and willing to work with me the few times I needed a few extra days to get my payment in. The stability of the server my domains (this one included!) are on has been nothing short of wonderful, and I plan to stick with E-Starr for as long as I am blogging and running other projects.

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Lane Bryant sateen sculpted bra

Lane Bryant braI am a big breasted girl. Always have been, always will be. I was a C cup in fifth grade, a D by the time I hit middle school and a DD by the time I was sixteen years old. After having one child, breastfeeding her for ten months, then having a second child and currently breastfeeding him (he is a ten month old), my breasts have gone back and forth – from a DD to a G to a DDD to a DD and now back to a DDD. Needless to say, finding comfortable, supportive bras that are also sexy is a rather gruesome, frustrating and often unsatisfying task.

Then I found the sateen sculpted underwire bra at Lane Bryant. This bra is rather pricey – about $36.00, and looks rather daunting on the hanger (especially because it is lightly padded!), but let me tell you, it has done wonders for support. Not only are my breasts supported, but they are held up and outwards. The cleavage is amazing, the thrust is amazing, but what is really amazing is that the straps don’t dig into my shoulders, the band doesn’t ride up my back, and the underwires do not dig into my underarms. This bra is truly amazing, and definitely worth the buy – I have four of them. :)

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HP Photosmart 470 Printer

HP Photosmart 470 Printer seriesThe HP Photosmart 470 Printer has held up much better than my other photo printer. While the pictures it prints aren’t quite as excellent as what the Kodak photo printer is capable of producing, it is still nothing to sneeze at. If anything, I blame the photo paper (HP premium) more than I do the printer.
The photo printer is very easy to install (if you’re using Windows Vista no messy installation is required – simply hook up the printer and your computer will automatically download, install and configure the appropriate drivers) and very easy to use. It accepts input via a USB connection a computer or a memory card. One dislike I do have, and this may just be my own quirk due to me being spoiled by the Kodak photo printer – I wish I could sit my HP camera right on the printer and transfer and print photos that way, and charge the camera as well. But oh well – you can’t have everything!

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Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Series 3

Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Series 3The Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Series 3 is a printer I would never, ever recommend to anyone. Don’t get me wrong – this sleek little printer is capable of producing gorgeous quality photos, provided that you make sure to use Kodak printer paper made specifically for this printer. I fell in love with the photos this printer made, and find the photos of much better quality than another photo printer I have (HP Photosmart 470 series).
But after printing twelve or so photos, the printer just stopped working. It would turn on, and attempt to print, but the paper it would spit out would be blank, or it would give me a paper jam error. I replaced the cartridge – twice – with no luck, replaced paper, cleaned out the tiny bits of dust I could see, took it apart to inspect it for any problems (found none), tried another power supply cord, etc. Nothing has worked. This expensive photo printer sits in a box in my closet, and about $100 worth of paper and ink cartridges collects dust on a shelf in my bedroom.

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