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I now know what Pyometra is, because my kitten almost died from it.

Freyja aka Fluffy Kitten Face


As you may know, and if not then now you do, I rescue cats. Currently nine cats call our house their home. We literally scoop up stray cats, fix them up, and do our best to re-home them. But as there are too many cats and not enough people willing to care for them, we’ve had as many as ten cats. My 16 year old cat, Blueboy, was put to sleep two weeks ago, so we’re now down to nine.

Anyway, our youngest cat is a seven month old long-haired dilute blue tabby/tortoiseshell (aka a torbie) named Freya. My neighbors found her and her brother back in November; they kept the boy, and I kept the girl.

Two days ago Freyja suddenly started having vaginal discharge. FYI, because cats do not cycle like human females do, vaginal discharge means one of two things: miscarriage or post-partum afterbirth in a pregnant/recently delivered cat, or infection. Since Freyja is a kitten, it was the latter – a uterine infection called Pyometra. is a deadly uterine infection that is common among older unspayed female dogs, but can also happen to older unspayed female cats. It’s extremely uncommon to happen with an unspayed female kitten, but nevertheless, it can happen.

Pyometra is caused by bacteria entering the uterus during a heat cycle. During this cycle, the uterus expands and tilts downward, and the cervix also dilates – this is to make the passage of sperm easier. But with the tilting, expanding, and opening of the uterus and cervix comes the increased ease for bacteria to enter the uterus. And since female cats and dogs don’t shed uterine linings like human females do, the bacteria becomes trapped within the uterine lining, and infection begins to brew.

In Freyja’s case, she was extremely lucky that she had a case of open Pyometra, during which the cervix does not completely close, and thus the pus created from the infection is visible. She is also lucky that I noticed the discharge – her long fur obscured a lot of it; it just so happened that light from a window hit her at just the right angle to make the pus visible. If Freyja had closed Pyometra, the pus wouldn’t have been able to escape her uterus, and I might not have known anything was wrong until it was too late.

I attempted to get Freyja seen and operated on by first a rescue clinic vet who is familiar with us and our rescued cats, and then by a local shelter. The rescue clinic’s vet downplayed the seriousness of the situation and told me to bring Freyja in the next day (Thursday, 4/14), and the shelter was very dismissive and advised me to take her to a vet.

So that’s what I did: I drove to the closest vet, rushed Freyja inside, and begged them to help her. They did: to the tune of $653.40. The vet who examined her didn’t beat around the bush: he told me bluntly that because he could easily palpitate her pus-filled uterus from the outside (and when Freyja was on her side we could see it bulging!), she would die by Thursday morning without immediate intervention. Unfortunately, emergency veterinary services don’t come cheap, and because of the uterine infection and risk of imminent death Freyja underwent an emergency hysterectomy on Wednesday night at 8:00pm. She was also started on multiple antibiotics, and was kept for 20 hours after surgery to ensure she remained stable. I was able to bring her home Thursday evening, along with two antibiotics and pain medication. Since the surgery was of an emergency nature and involved infection, her recovery will be a bit longer (the incision was twice the size of a normal spay surgery cut), and she’ll need to be watched closely for any signs of a lingering infection (vaginal discharge, lethargy, fever, etc.).

Had Freyja not needed emergency surgery, I would have taken her to her scheduled rescue clinic appointment next Tuesday, and the total cost for her spay would have been $40.00. But because Freyja didn’t have that kind of time — she would have died by Thursday morning had I not rushed her to the vet’s office — the cost was astronomical. But it was necessary to save her life. Freyja has quickly come to mean a lot to me, and I couldn’t fathom losing her, especially in such a painful, horrific way (without surgery, Freyja’s uterus would have eventually ruptured, and she would have died painfully from internal bleeding and sepsis).

Freyja came home yesterday evening, and is resting relatively comfortably. We’re giving her all of her favorite foods, lots of attention, and of course the prescribed antibiotics and pain medication to help her heal and remain comfortable.

Freyja on April 14, 2016
Freyja resting after coming home.


Can you help us with Freyja’s emergency surgery bill?

I’ll get right to it: instead of a $40 routine spay, Freyja underwent emergency medical treatment and surgery to save her life. The total cost came to $653.50. I’m the only one working and we are a family of four humans, nine rescue cats, and a dog. We are working hard to survive and make ends meet, so it goes without saying that a surprise bill of over $600 has definitely hit us very, very hard. We’re hoping to crowdfundraise just half that amount to see us through.

Freyja's vet bill
(vet bill – $200 emergency deposit/fee not listed)


If you are able to donate even just a few dollars toward Freyja’s vet bill, I would be very, very appreciate, grateful, and thankful! Simply click the GoFundMe widget below to donate via GoFundMe using your credit/debit card; or you can send a donation to me via PayPal. Again, thank you. ♥

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Thanks to FreedomPop, I pay just $10.99 per month for mobile phone service

FreedomPop logo

Disclosure: While I am a paying FreedomPop customer, this post does contain affiliate links.

Long title is long – but I really want to drive the point home: FreedomPop is awesome. FreedomPop is a mobile service provider that piggybacks on Sprint’s network. This means you can bring a Sprint phone to FreedomPop, or purchase a new or certified, warrantied refurbished phone from FreedomPop for as much as 85% off.

^ But let me put that in simple terms with numbers: a few weeks ago I ordered two Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB phones from Groupon for just $159.99 apiece – one for me, and one for my husband, Daniel. Oh, and Samsung Galaxy S4s are currently available through FreedomPop for $99.99. Samsung Galaxy S3s are under $75! Our kids, Alyssa and Ryan, each have peppy little LG smartphones that were just $29.99 each.

FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S5

In terms of service, you can have 200 minutes + 200 text messages for FREE, or jump to a talk/text/data plan with FreedomPop’s Premium 500 plan for $7.99 per month, which offers 500 minutes and unlimited text messages. On the data front, you get 500mb for free, but you can always add more with one of FreedomPop’s monthly data plans, which start at $19.99 per month.

Daniel has had FreedomPop service for just about a year now. Full disclosure: we originally discovered FreedomPop via a product review opportunity, but we loved the pricing and service so much that we decided to keep it! And as of December 2015, I too have been a FreedomPop customer. We each pay $10.99 per month for the unlimited talk + text + 500mb of data, and if we find ourselves running short of data we can send anywhere from 25mb to 100mb of data to each other, or we can share with other family members (I’ve talked my mom and both of my brothers into using FreedomPop as well – it’s definitely a family thing).

FreedomPop isn’t without its cons, of course. While the data service is superb, sometimes calls are dropped or my phone won’t even ring – I only know someone has called when a voicemail pops up. And on that note, Google Voice doesn’t work with FreedomPop’s service currently – you must use FreedomPop’s voicemail app. Oh, and you must use their messaging app as well, which, while it works, it’s rather bare-bones in terms of features.

Overall I give FreedomPop a 3.5/rating, with most of my disappointment being with the issue of occasional missed calls, and being locked into their voicemail service, and their voicemail and messaging apps. Also, their support can be a little slow – your best bet is to post on their forums for assistance.
But on the flip side, $21.98 per month for two separate cell phone lines? Count me in! Oh, and Alyssa and Ryan each have FreedomPop service too – I snagged two LG Optimus F7 refurbs for just $29.99 apiece, and both phones have the free 200 minutes / 200 texts plan.

If you’re interested in switching to FreedomPop, but you don’t currently have a Sprint phone, here are some exclusive FreedomPop deals that are worth checking out – and now that I have purchased a total of five cell phones through FreedomPop, I can vouch for their great prices, fast shipping, and just-as-described, perfectly-functional devices:

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Get Julep’s Cutie Pi set for just $14!

We take inspiration from all over the place for the oodles of nail looks we create. Today, our big influence is delicious pie…mmm. That’s because 3/14 is Pi Day. What is Pi, you ask? Pi is the numerical value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which is approximately 3.14159. I know, we’re mixing our metaphors a little here, but it’s all for a good cause—cute nails!

Our nail look below is inspired by Cherry Almond Pie. We used scotch tape and three Julep polishes to create this look. Today through 3/16, you can get this 3-Piece Polish Gift for just $14! Normally, each polish is $14 each, so this is truly a sweet steal.

3 Polish Gift for $!4

Here’s what you’ll get in your 3-Piece Polish Gift:

Get the 3-Piece Polish Gift today, because the offer only lasts through 3/16.

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