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What are some of the best things to buy whilst in a casino city?

When it comes to travelling to a casino city, there are few things that you might need to prepare you along the way. A casino city is often one of the most exciting places to visit, whether you’re an experienced gambler or a new kid on the block, there’s always plenty of things to do. However, there may be some times when you want some downtime or while you’re travelling around in order to ensure that you are the most comfortable.

A Sunhat

welcome-to-las-vegas-sign-with-sun-flare Most times of year in some of the biggest gambling destinations such as Las Vegas or Macau, you’re going to be treated to good weather, which runs the risk of sun burn. You can never go wrong with a large sunhat when you’re walking around during the day, as a sunhat can help to protect your face while helping you look stylish too. Alternatively you can opt for a baseball cap, which you can then wear into a casino in the evening to pull off the ultimate poker face. Buying this sort of accessory in the city can not only save you space in your luggage, but it can also work out cheaper – unless you have your favourite branded sun hat at home.

A Map

map-of-casinos Casino cities tend to be quite large, and although more often than not they are heavily signposted, you can’t go wrong with a map. Of course, most of the large casinos will be located on one main strip, but if you’re looking for other tourist attractions during the day that are off the strip then a map of the area can help you to discover them and get you back on the right track when you’re finished. Whether you opt for a handheld map or you use an app on your phone, a map can be extremely helpful, and if you buy them locally they are more likely to be tourist-orientated to point out the best attractions for you to enjoy your trip. Public transport tickets are also a good idea if you’re looking to go sightseeing, and can end up being the perfect way of getting around.

A Book

woman-with-a-book-poolside Casino cities tend to come alive at night, and even if you’re only there for a few days you’re going to need something to do during the days. Many of the hotels will have swimming pools as the perfect place to relax and catch a tan, but sometimes lying by the pool can be a little boring. If you’ve already explored the area and you’re just waiting for night to fall, you can get lost in a book where the hours will simply slip away. Instead of weighing down your luggage with your favourite novels that are likely to end up ruined by a splash from the pool, you can simply purchase a cheap book while you’re there, and leave it for the next person in the room – or the maid. Alternatively, you can have a look at some casino guides such as the Ladbrokes Basic Blackjack Guide to help you learn more about the games that you want to play when you hit the casinos later on in the evening. This way, you can boost your winning chances while lazing around the pool waiting for the sun to go down.


Easy Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe from SS into AW

So September is finally here, and the weather will soon be turning a little chillier in most places. That means that it’s time to start thinking about making the transition from your spring summer wardrobe to your autumn winter one. Read on to find out how to make this transition as seamless as possible.


Firstly it is not necessary to pack away every last summer dress and bikini top as soon as we hit autumn. Unless you live in an area with clearly demarked seasons, then you are likely to get some warm days mixed in with the chillier ones.

orange autumn leaves
photo credit: Pixabay

The main issue with this is that it can mean running two wardrobes side by side, while you are waiting for the temperature to change. It can get pretty chaotic doing this and make keeping up with the laundry near impossible.

photo credit: Pixabay

It’s a good idea to pick items from each season wardrobe that would be suitable for cooler, but not freezing weather. There is no point getting out you winter puffa jackets and ski wear if it’s still 26 degrees outside.

photo credit: Pixabay

So go through your current clothes and see what you can make sure of. Jeans and tank tops are a good bet, as you can put wraps or jumpers over the top if it’s a colder, day.

photo credit: Pixabay

A leather jacket is a classic piece too that will easily fit over the top of a retro summer dress and protect you from the falling temperatures.

photo credit: Pixabay


Another easy way to move your SS look into AW is to use capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a selection of a few key pieces that make up the core of your outfits. Then you can choose to embellish and accessorize them as you see fit.

A capsule wardrobe works well for that difficult time in between seasons. This is because it uses the idea of multi-purpose pieces that can be added together to create a look. That means it’s very easy to adjust what you are wearing to the weather conditions outside.

A classic capsule can be built up of as little as nine essential items. These will include three bottoms, three tops and three jackets, jumpers & cardigans. An AW capsule will also include a few on-trend dresses and a heavy winter coat for when the weather turns.

If attempting to put an AW capsule wardrobe together for yourself, you will also need to consider your accessories. You will need a neutral colored umbrella, gloves, and a scarf.

photo credit: Pixabay

Shoes are also essential. They not only have to match as many looks as possible within the capsule, but they also have to be practical for the type of weather that you can expect in AW.

Ankles boots work well with dresses, as they give you that rock chic look while keeping your feet dry in the wet weather. It may also be worth investing in some snow boots if you are likely to experience extreme weather on a regular basis.


One of they keys to transitioning from SS into AW is to master the technique of layering. Layering is using different items of clothing to build up an outfit that looks attractive and is suitable for the weather of your climate.

photo credit: Pixabay

When buying layering items, you need to think carefully about their utility. Some items can only really be used outside, when the weather is really bad, like heavy woolen overcoats. If you walk to work, then this will be an essential for you throughout the AW season. However, if you drive to work, a heavy winter coat can be an expensive purchase that spends most of its time, hung up in your wardrobe.

You also need to consider the temperature of the place you spend the most time in the day. Do you work in an office where you have no control over the heating and cooling systems? If this is the case and your colleagues prefer a warmer environment you may need to put together outfits that are lightweight and cool for the day. But layer a thick jumper or jacket over the top for when you need to step outside.

The great thing about layering is that the more layers you have, the more you can take off. So you have a much better control of your temperature throughout the day.


Of course, moving from a SS to an AW wardrobe is not all about the type of clothes you pick. It’s also a chance to change up the color scheme in your closet and wear some different shade.

This season’s AW colors trends includes a focus on mainly neutral tones like rust, olive, copper and indigo blue. There are also some brighter hues in their like baby blue and bright red.

photo credit: Pixabay

Of course, as much as we’d all like to able to wear any color that we liked, our skin tone dictates the shades that will look best on us.

That means it’s vital, before you sprint to the mall, to know what your skin tone is, and which colors will compliment it.

Luckily there is lots of detailed information on the internet. But the basics look like this. If you have a pinkish tone with blue veins on the underside of your arm, then your skin is a cool tone. If you have a more golden tone and your veins appear greenish, then you have a warm skin tone.

For the warmer skin tone types, the natural colors such as olives and coppers will work wonderfully. For cooler skin tone try to stick to anything that has a hue of blue in it. So the indigo blue and baby blue for 2016 will work well for you.

Cooler skin tones need be careful of red through. This is because there are so many different shades of red. Some start with a blue base, while others work on an orange base. If you have a cooler tone, you can wear the reds with the blue base but not the orange ones.


August’s Groovy Lab in a Box is Water Works – A Lesson in Hydroponics!

The links in this blog post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, I will receive a small commission from Groovy Lab in a Box.

Groovy Lab in a Box‘s August theme is Water Works! In the Water Works box, your children will explore different types of hydroponic systems, seed germination and photosynthesis! Build a water reservoir, test tube bean stalk, hanging raised beds, a groovy space barn and much, much, more! Practice essential 21st century science skills: pipetting, measuring volume and length, making observations and collecting data.

Engineering Design Challenge: The Mars Colony astronauts need to grow their own food. Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a hydroponic garden prototype that can be used by future astronauts at the Mars Colony?

As always, the Water Works box will have a groovy Lab Notebook where your kids can read about the investigations and Engineering Design Challenge. Plus, all subscribers get access to the Beyond…in a Box web portal for additional learning and fun.

Be sure to start your subscription today with FREE SHIPPING so you can receive “Water Works” before it ships on August 30th.


Caring For An Older Dog: What All Owners Should Know!

When you take on a dog, it’s for life. A lot of owners don’t understand this. And so, when their pup no longer has the spring in his step that he used to, they choose to treat him as if he’s disposable and get rid of him. There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing stories about owners deserting their pets as they get older. In our house, our animals are part of the family, and we would never dream of getting rid of one just because they started to age.

What we would do, however, is ensure that we know how to take care of them properly, as they get older. Older pets need specialist care, which is why as an owner it’s your job to ensure that you know how to give them that. To make it easier for you to do that, I thought I would share a few tips with you.

older dog
photo credit: Pixabay

Take them for regular vet checkups

Just like people, as dogs get older they require more care. This means that it’s important to take them for regular vet checkups. This is so that any medical problems or conditions can be caught early and treated effectively. You see, as dogs get older, they’re more prone to developing a range of ailments and conditions. For example, a lot of dogs suffer from joint and muscle problems, like osteoarthritis, as they get older. While there’s no cure for this, Metacam for dogs can be a fantastic pain reliever. It can help to make their golden years more comfortable and enjoyable. This is something that only a vet can prescribe, which is why regular trips to the vets are so important for your aging pooch. After all, you wouldn’t want Fido to be in pain, would you?

Feed them the best food

Did you know that not all dog food is born equal? Ask any vet and they’ll tell you that not all brands offer the same quality of food. For an older dog, it’s crucial that they are getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need. Which is why it’s important that they’re on the best food for them. If you’re unsure what this is, ask your vet for advice. As well as getting them a good brand of dog food, you should also select dog food made for older dogs. This is because it contains extra nutrients that older dogs need, such as vitamins that aid bone health, for instance.

Keep them active

Although older dogs don’t need as much exercise as younger ones, it’s still important that they get out and about. Just like older people, gentle exercise can be beneficial for older dogs. By walking your older pooch each day, you can help them to stay in shape. Gentle exercise can also help to prevent bone and muscular disorders. It could be worth avoiding walks that are too long – over a mile, but a short walk each day is important for keeping your pup in good shape.

It can be hard seeing your pet getting older, but that’s just another part of pet ownership. If you love your pooch like one of the family, then do whatever you can to make his or her final years as full of love as possible.


Coping With The Unbearable Pain Of Grief: Practical Steps You Can Take

sun flare shining over cemetary
photo credit: Pixabay

If we live long enough, grief is something that we will all have to face at some point in our lives. Many people believe that grief is the price we must pay for loving. Losing a loved one is the most difficult and painful thing that we have to deal with as human beings.

There are many forms of loss. When we use this term, we often think about losing someone we care about. But it could also refer to the loss of a pet which, for many people, can be just as traumatic.

The Five Stages Of Grief

You may have heard about the five stages of grief. These steps were first suggested by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1969. They have been widely documented and are frequently referred to as a way of moving through the bereavement process. The stages are:

However, not everyone realizes that this is not a process set in stone. As humans, there tend to be patterns in how we come to terms with loss. But this is a unique process for everyone. Those stages may be experienced out of order. We may return to some of them several times. We may get stuck with one of the stages. Or, we may never experience any of them.

How To Grieve

There is no way to grieve. There is no handbook or set of rules. There’s nothing to say that if you do this or that you will move through the process quicker. Everyone must find their own way. It can feel like a very lonely process. Only you are inside your head. Only you know how you’re feeling. But there are other people who can help ease the pain for you. These people may be family and friends, or they may be professionals such as therapists or doctors.

Remembering Your Loved One

In the early stages, thinking about your loved one may feel too painful and raw. But as time goes on, you will be able to think about your time together. You may then want to think about ways of remembering and honoring their life. Some of this will take place at the funeral. But there are ways to preserve their memory after the ceremony. If your loved one is cremated one way of remembering them is by turning ashes into diamonds. Their ashes can be combined with other materials to create a beautiful and personal memorial diamond.


It is generally accepted that the most caring thing you can do for yourself during grief, is to reach out. Talk to other people and tell them how you’re feeling. Be honest with them. Many people find this difficult to do, especially when a little time has passed. But sharing your loss with someone else can provide you with comfort and healing. Some people will find it difficult to respond to you, due to their own fears and feelings around the situation. Others may say the wrong thing. Be prepared for this and try and accept that it is all part of the process.
If you don’t feel as though there is anyone in your personal life that you can turn to, consider speaking to a bereavement therapist.

There is no one way to grieve, and everyone must walk their own path. Everyone must find what works best for them. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to experience it.


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