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Dealing With The Death Of A Pet: 5 Steps

The death of a pet can be a huge blow for the whole family. Many pets feel like they are a large part of the family, and once they are gone, you can be left with a gap in your home life. I know what this kind of loss feels like, as I just lost my 16 year old cat, Blueboy, four months ago. And, it can be particularly difficult for young children to come to terms with a pet’s death. However, it is possible to deal with your family’s grief and bereavement so that you can continue with your lives. Here are five useful steps to take.

dog on hill
photo credit: Pexels

Give Everyone Chance To Cry

It will be a very emotional time, and for many people, crying will be a healing process. Make sure each of your family members is able to express their emotions in a way that suits them. Don’t make anyone feel bad for crying a lot. And similarly, don’t tell people that they should be in tears if they are not. Everyone grieves in different ways, and you should help your relatives find a way that suits them.

Tell Your Friends About Your Loss

Your friends will want to be there for you and comfort you during your difficult period. Don’t bottle things up. Some people might be embarrassed to tell their friends that they are so upset about the death of a pet. But don’t be scared. Your friends will certainly understand and will want to offer you a shoulder to cry on. Talking things through with them can help you come to terms with your loss.

Continue With Your Life

Don’t try and change the way you live your life. The best way to deal with the grief is to continue with life as you were doing so before your trauma. Focusing on your everyday chores, family life, and work can help to take your mind of your grief. It won’t take away all the sadness, but it can certainly keep you focused on other important matters for a space of time.

Honor Their Memory

You should create a memorial in your pet’s honor. There are various ways in which you can do this. If you get your pet cremated, you can get some pets memorial diamonds made out of their ashes. Another cute way to remember your pet is by creating a photo album out of all the pictures you have of them. That way, you and your family can always look back at their life and all the fun times you had together.

Look After Yourself

Throughout any stressful period of life, it is important to look after yourself and your family. And this is especially the case if you are dealing with bereavement of a pet. Make sure you are all eating well and taking regular exercise. It can be difficult at first, but getting a good night’s sleep is also important as this can help to reduce stress.

The death of a pet can be a very upsetting and traumatic time. However, if you stick together as a family, you will certainly get over it. Eventually, you’ll be able to look back at your pet’s life and smile.


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Ipsy June 2016 Rebel Rebel Glam Bag

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My introduction to Ipsy was via their June 2016 Rebel Rebel Glam Bag, and to be honest Ipsy couldn’t have picked a better selection of products to introduce themselves to me with. I know, I know… Ipsy didn’t pick these products just for me, specifically. But a girl can dream, right?

So, what is Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that offers a handful (4-5) of large-sized and even full-sized beauty products. Each Ipsy bag is full of surprises – hair care, skin care, and makeup products. Best of all, the subscription is just $10 per month, and that price includes shipping!

Anyway, back to my June 2016 Ipsy Rebel Rebel Glam Bag, which was waiting for me when I came home from the hospital earlier this month. My apologies for the grainy photos – I used my tablet to take them.

Ipsy June 2016 Rebel Rebel Glam Bag

Here’s what was in my Ipsy bag:

So, my thoughts on Ipsy? Count me in! I can’t wait for my July bag.

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