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The Webmistress

Jenn My name is Jenn. I’m 31, and I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I have a 33 year old husband (Daniel) to whom I have been married for over 11 years, and we have been together for a total of nearly 16 years. We have an eleven year old daughter (Alyssa) who is in fifth grade, and a nine year old son (Ryan) with autism who is in fourth grade. Both kidlets are in gifted programs – yay for inherited smarts!
I work from home full-time as a freelancer — I dabble in article writing, web design, and some SEO-oriented work. I’m a crazy cat lady, though I do have a Pug and a Betta fish (and between my kids there are enough small creatures to populate a small zoo!).

For more about me, please see my About page, and/or my personal blog,


The Blog

In Jenn’s Bag (formerly known as In My Bag) is my product review blog, which has been in existence and routinely updated since the winter of 2007. I write product reviews and host giveaways, and write general posts about everything related to the shopping I do – the stores I shop at, the products I buy and use, coupons I find, promos worth taking advantage of, etc.



Many of my regular readers have been following my blog since its creation in early 2007. The majority of them have found me from doing searches for the products, services and stores I talk about. Some of my more recent audience has come from giveaways I have hosted.


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Social Networks

I love all things social, and I have seen firsthand the benefits and advantages to be had by integrating a blog with a variety of social networks. I am highly active on the following networks:


Offered Services



Advertisement and sponsored posts: please contact me for rates (or to make an offer – I’m flexible!).
Product review or giveaway: at this time I ask for no other compensation than a product to review.


Why You Should Work With Me

I have been around in the social blogging circles for over twelve years, and have always been known as an open-minded, straightforward person who is honest about her opinions and experiences. I am very detailed and thorough when it comes to writing product reviews and promotions for companies and brands. I do my best to intertwine a personal experience or perspective with all of my reviews and sponsored posts, so that the resulting article is more personalized and thus more interesting for my audience to read.

When it comes to reviewing a product or service, I am thorough and make sure to run it through its paces before writing a review. And when I do write a review, I am detailed. I include not only a basic overview of a product or service, but details of my experience with it – what it’s supposed to be, in comparison what I thought of it, how it works best, why I would recommend it, etc. I always include my own photos in a product review, and on occasion — or at an advertiser’s request — I will also include a video (YouTube if requested). From an SEO standpoint, I understand the importance of keywords and URLs, and am almost always able to accommodate requests for the inclusion of specific ones. Social media promotion is always an integral part of every post that I write.
I do my best to make both giveaways and product reviews interesting and worthwhile to read; and for giveaways, I do my best to make them worth entering – via multiple entries, whenever possible.

I always do everything in my power to reach the largest audience possible by blogging frequently, but with attention to quality and detail; and promoting my posts (particularly product reviews and giveaways) on a variety of social networks and blog communities and channels.


Contact Info

Email me anytime at If desired, I am available for online audio conferences (via Skype) and phone calls — email for details.

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