In Jenn’s Bag is a product review site where I review products and even services that wind up in my shopping cart, my bag, my home, and/or on my credit card statement. I love all things hot pink and glittery, shamelessly declare my addiction to Target and Sephora, and am responsible for 99.999% of the purchases for my home and family.

This blog came about in early 2007 after I gave up on trying to explain to my husband the intricacies of finger grips on tampons, and why one tampon’s finger grip style made me prefer that brand over another. After I saw the blank expression on my husband’s face, I realized he wasn’t an appropriate and appreciative audience, and decided to start a blog in the hopes of reaching the right kind of audience!

About the domain: injennsbag.com was registered in the summer of 2013, and is hosted with Surpass. In Jenn’s Bag was previously known as In My Bag (in-my-bag.com).

Jenn About me: My name is Jenn. I’m 29 years old, married to a man named Dan, and we have an eight year old girl and a seven year old autistic boy. I work at home full time, and when I’m not working I like to read, watch a little TV, shop, and indulge in digital photography. In addition to us four humans, our household is also called home by six cats, one Pug; and several caged critters, including my daughter’s snake, my son’s tortoise, a hamster, and several fish. My personal blog can be found at Jenn.nu!

Contact: x@jenn.nu.

Page last updated on August 12, 2013.