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We are homeless. Please help us save our belongings!

Our very best friend is helping us with our current homelessness crisis — losing our home and trying to save all of our belongings — by personally assisting with monetary and moving help, and also by putting together a GoFundMe.

I am also and directly pleading for help, not even for me, but for Alyssa and Ryan – please help us get this done by donating financially. We need roughly $300 between a storage unit rental and a UHaul rental. I have located several storage units, and we can rent a truck. But we need financial help. Please. I will show receipts and photos. We have until the 28th to get this done. Please. I can’t find the words now to express my emotions — fear, shame, helplessness, anxiousness, hopefulness, gratitude — but I promise that when this is all said and done and we can finally take a moment to breathe, I will write, and write honestly, openly, and extensively. But right now I can only focus on one thing: saving my family, and saving their belongings and prized possessions.

My PayPal address is

Thank you.

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