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Six Retro Fashion Trends of 2014-2015

In today’s fashionable world, we are often so over stimulated with clothing and accessories that it can be difficult to know what is still in style. There are many trends that mark 2014 and 2015 as significant years in fashion, but one of the most interesting aspects of today’s fashion is that several retro trends are making a comeback in a big way.

To get authentic retro pieces, you can always shop for second-hand clothes online on Gumtree, or even Oxfam. You can also shop for new clothes to get modern versions of your favourite retro looks. Check out which trends you like best and try them out for yourself. Better yet, try them all out and add some fun and flair to your wardrobe!

Everything from leggings to scarves and skirts to purses seems to have lace on them these days! Lace has become a very popular fabric style to use on almost any article of clothing or accessory. Lace is very retro indeed, although it has been updated for modern times. The sheer lace look is very popular and sexy, and nods to the past while remaining trendy in today’s world.

Polka Dots
Polka dots are another fabric pattern that has made a huge comeback. The dots themselves can be large or small, with larger dots looking great on a skirt or dress and small dots adding a pop to a shirt or leggings. Any way you wear them, polka dots are a great way to stay in style.

Full Skirts
While miniskirts and A-line silhouettes dominated the skirt and dress trend in recent years, now the fashionable thing to do is to wear long, full skirts. These are often made with layers of tulle underneath so they really pop and make the triangle shape that was so popular in years gone by. There are many ways to wear this style, and each one is fashionable to the max.

Bold Accessories
One big retro style that is making a comeback is a lot of big, bold accessories. This means lots of brightly coloured scarves, especially worn around the head. Many people find that adding other accessories to an outfit, like a skinny belt, big bow, or layers of costume jewellery are great ways to pay homage to the fashion trends of the past.

Geometric Patterns
Triangles, squares, circles, hexagons, and any number of geometric shapes are all making their way back into the fashion trends of today. The looks that truly pay homage to the past are the ones with bright colours and seamless repetitions. Try out this look sparingly; too many geometric pieces at once can be very overwhelming.

Long Sleeves
The nineties and early 2000s were all about baring it all, but this year it’s actually becoming trendier to cover up! Long sleeves, especially button-ups, are very fashionable these days. The great thing is that you can wear this trend almost anywhere, as the look is appropriate for both work and play. Pair a long sleeved shirt with a string of pearls for a true retro look.

So there you have it; a look at some of the retro trends popular today! Enjoy experimenting.


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  1. Desiree wrote on #

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    I’m actually kind of happy that some of the more ‘retro styles’ have come back a little because it makes buying stripped t-shirts and lace stuff easier and cheaper. The only one I don’t want to come back is the denim phase.


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