Celebrate Independence Day with JELL-O Jigglers (giveaway)

Jello Jigglers Mold Kit Flag & Star Mold JELL-O, whether in original gelatin form, fun Jigglers form, or pre-packaged flavorful form, is a staple of most households, and ours is no exception. But believe it or not, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to try a JELL-O Jigglers Mold Kit that I actually made Jigglers for my kids! I have no idea why I never did before – I think I was worried about the time and hassle involved.

But let me set that misconception to rest right now: time? No more than it takes to boil two cups of water. Hassle? How hard is it to pour liquefied gelatin into molds?

Just in time for Independence Day, JELL-O has an awesome Flag & Star Jigglers Mold Kit that consists of the molding tray (the tray features five different star molds and two flag molds) and two 6 oz. packages of JELL-O, one strawberry (red colored, of course), and one berry blue (blue colored, of course).

Jello Jigglers Mold Kit Flag & Star Mold
Jello Jigglers Mold Kit Flag & Star Mold
Jello Jigglers Mold Kit Flag & Star Mold

Alyssa and I had a great time making — and eating! — red & blue JELL-O flags and stars. The instructions couldn’t be simpler (boil two cups of water, stir in gelatin until dissolved, pour mixture into molds and refrigerate for 3 hours before enjoying), and the results couldn’t be more delicious – or patriotic! JELL-O Jigglers can be served alone, or with other fruits or even whipped toppings for added enjoyment. And with just 80 calories and 19g of sugar per 1/2 cup serving, JELL-O is something everyone can enjoy!

Jello Jigglers Mold Kit Flag & Star Mold

Purchase JELL-O Jigglers Flag & Star Mold Kit for $25.00, and be sure to check out the JELL-O Mold Shop and JELL-O Recipes for great dessert ideas!

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  1. katie klein wrote on #

    Watermelon for sure!

  2. Hah, just last night I went digging through my cabinets to see if we had any jello because my 3 year old has recently decided he loves it, though I’m not sure where he had it to find out! I didn’t find any, but put it on our grocery list to grab some for him. He calls it ‘yellow’, though ; )

    I think we’ll be grabbing this kit. He’ll love it for sure.
    Echo S.’s last blog entry: Looking forward to Summer

  3. I LOVE Cherry Jello and the Bluberry as well. I love cutting into little cubes, mixing with cool whip, and putting in a graham cracker crust. Nummy dessert.

  4. Sam Stamp wrote on #

    Strawberry is my favorite flavor of Jello!


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