Day Out with Thomas at the Strasburg Railroad

Thomas the Tank Engine is visiting the Strasburg Railroad this week! From June 15th until June 23rd, Thomas, the beloved steam locomotive, will be greeting friends of all ages at the Strasburg Railroad. Enjoy a train ride pulled by Thomas, and meet Sir Topham Hat. There are plenty of other activities, too, including pump cars to operate, cranky cars to pedal, and even a pint-sized Pufferbelly steam train to ride! Choose from riding in an open-air or coach car to enjoying a special meal while touring the Strasburg countryside.

Thomas the Tank Engine at the Strasburg Railroad

On Monday the four of us — myself, my husband Daniel, and our eight year old daughter Alyssa and our six year old son Ryan — headed to the Strasburg Railroad to ride Thomas and meet Sir Topham Hat! We went nice and early, before the sun had a chance to rise high in the sky and scorch us, and we had a wonderful time. Alyssa and Ryan have always enjoyed trains, and if there is one thing the Strasburg Railroad has to offer, it’s trains — trains to ride, trains to explore, trains to view.

DSC_0536 DSC_0538

Our ride on the Strasburg Railroad was an enjoyable thirty minutes, during which we enjoyed Thomas the Tank Engine, conductors dressed in old-fashioned train conductor apparel, and the gorgeous views of the Lancaster countryside: Amish farms, fields, and rolling hills.


Once our ride was over, we headed to the various activities available for kids and families: cranky cars, pump cars, and the Pufferbelly miniature train!


We enjoyed our time spent at the Strasburg Railroad, and it was great to see Thomas the Tank Engine in person. The Strasburg Railroad is a very family-friendly destination, and one that should definitely go on your must-visit list if you’ll be in or around Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about the Strasburg Railroad at, and follow the Strasburg Railroad on Facebook and Twitter.

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