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MyAllergyTest As I type this, my eyes and throat are itching miserably, and I’m waiting for the Claritin-D that I just took to kick in. As you probably know, one of the easiest ways to determine the types of allergies that are making you miserable indoors and/or outdoors is to see an allergist and having a professional allergy test (usually done via comprehensive skin tests) done. But these types of tests can be prohibitive due to being inconvenient, uncomfortable, and expensive. That’s why there’s MyAllergyTest, a safe and affordable at-home alternative.

MyAllergyTest is an FDA-approved “do it yourself” at-home allergy test kit. The kit contains everything you’ll need to safely and accurately provide a blood sample, which is then safely and securely mailed to a licensed laboratory, where it is analyzed for the top 10 most common allergens. The confidential results along with a personalized allergy-combating plan are sent to you via US mail or my MyAllergyTest’s secure website within days of the sample being received and processed. Here is what MyAllergyTest tests for:

My Allergy Test

As a young child I was tested for allergies, but I don’t remember the results beyond knowing that I had grown out of my egg allergy, and that everything that grows from the ground or sprouts from a tree seems to set off my allergies. Lately just going outside or taking a drive down the road is enough to get my eyes watering and my throat itching. It will be interesting to see if I am allergic to any of the top 10 allergens that MyAllergyTest looks for, and it’ll be even more interesting to see if we’re able to reduce or even eliminate those sources from in and/or around our home. Update 05/13/13: My results were ready for viewing on 05/10/13 (I mailed in my blood sample on 05/03/13)! Surprisingly, the only tested allergen that I show a reaction to is dust mites. I thought for sure that I would be allergic to all of the growing things that are on the list. In any case, frequent house cleaning and airing out of upholstered items (blankets, throw rugs, curtains) can help with curtailing the amount of dust mites. I love that I was notified via email of my results, and was able to log in right away to check them out!


MyAllergyTest results

I found the process of using the MyAllergyTest to be incredibly easy, as the included instructions outlined everything that needed to be done, and the included components (safety lancets, blood collection funnel, collection tube, collection tube bag, identification labels, return envelope, “wound care” items) were all easily identifiable. The process works like this:

Things worth noting: I had to use both safety lancets on two separate fingers, as I do not bleed easily. After the pricks and initial blood collection (squeezing/milking fingers helps to produce more drops of blood), walking around actually encourage more blood drops to appear (not something I wanted). And, my fingers were sore from the pricks for the next day, but that’s to be expected, as the lancets do go pretty deep.

My Allergy Test
My Allergy Test
My Allergy Test

Purchase MyAllergyTest for a suggested MRSP of $49.95 at Meijer, Walgreens, and Walmart (check the health diagnostics sections of these stores), or you can order online ($6.95 S&H fee applies). Note: Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts cover the purchase of a MyAllergyTest kit.

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  1. Jason wrote on #

    I learned it is good to know what you’re allergic to so you can avoid it!

  2. nicole krutz wrote on #

    i learned that they test for 10 of the most common allergens

  3. Kayla wrote on #

    I learned that you send in the samples for analysis!


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