Old Time Candy (giveaway)

Old Time Candy

“They just don’t make [blank] like they used to!” How often have we heard our parents utter that? How often have we, as 20-somethings and maybe even 30-somethings, uttered that? Well, when it comes to candy, I’m happy to report that they do in fact still make it like they used to. Old Time Candy - candy button dots If you’re craving a candy that you remember from your childhood, or would like to take a walk down sweet memory lane with nostalgic candy, look no further than Old Time Candy. Old Time Candy has every candy imaginable from the past 8 decades, and they even have specialty candies that date back to before the 1920s! Check out Old Time Candy’s listing of candy by decade, by occasion, by type, or walk the candy aisle to see all that they have to offer. And for those with special dietary needs, Old Time Candy has selections of kosher candy and sugar-free candy.

When you find a candy that you like, or candies that you like, you can purchase them individually, or purchase 5 lbs of specifically-picked candy by packing a bag. If you’re not sure what specific candies you’d like, or you want to give Old Time Candy as a gift, check out the Decade Boxes. Available in 2 lb and 4 lb sizes, Decade Boxes are jam-packed with candy from the decade of your choice.

Since Dan and I were both born in the early 80s, and grew up enjoying 80s candy, we opted to try a 4 lb box of 1980s Old Time Candy.

Old Time Candy Old Time Candy
Old Time Candy
Old Time Candy

As you can see, 4 lbs of assorted candy is a lot of candy! Fortunately, the package was delivered while our children were still at school, so Dan and I had plenty of time to dig in and check out the offerings. I immediately called dibs on the Reese’s Pieces, Hershey bar, and at least one package of Fun Dip. Dan was all over the Nerds and Smarties. And when Alyssa and Ryan came home from school, it was like cavity-filled Christmas for them: Alyssa went straight for the Air Heads and the candy necklace; and both she and Ryan fought over, and eventually compromised over, the Ring Pop (I loved those as a kid! I used to wear four at a time!) and the Push Pops. Candy cigarettes and Milk Duds were fun finds, as were a few other candies I haven’t seen since I was a child shopping at the corner store with my mom.

Old Time Candy Old Time Candy
Old Time Candy Old Time Candy

Old Time Candy’s products are a great way to discover and re-discover delicious candies from decades past. And since you can buy their candies in bulk, their products make great treats to share with family and friends, and to give as gifts!

Purchase individual, bagged, or boxes of candy at Old Time Candy.

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Rating: ★★★★★


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  1. Jason wrote on #

    I’d get the All Decades… It has a great assortment of candy!

  2. Belinda Revercomb wrote on #

    I want the 1980′s best decade ever!!

  3. nicole krutz wrote on #

    i would love to try the 80′s candy!

  4. Peggy D wrote on #

    I’d like the candy from the 1970′s

  5. Tara A. wrote on #

    I would like to try the 1990s. That’s pretty much when I grew up. :)

  6. David Haug wrote on #

    70′s…that is when I was a kid :-)

  7. John wrote on #

    I was an 80′s kid and I remember Nestle had a white chocolate bar called “Alpine White.” You can’t find them anymore but I’m glad they still make Skor.

  8. Corine wrote on #

    Any decade would be great, Can you say major sweet tooth

  9. Amy M wrote on #

    I’d be curious about the pre-1920s, but the 70s are my really my decade.

  10. gloria wrote on #

    The 70′s candy!

  11. Robin Wilson wrote on #

    I would love to try the 60′s!

  12. Diana Stanhope wrote on #

    I would love an 80s box.

  13. Sara Doering wrote on #

    I would choose the 80′s

  14. Eloise C wrote on #

    I would love to try the 80′s Box! Thanks so much for hosting this fun giveaway!


  15. I would love to try the 50′s or 60′s. My husband was born in 54, so I’d love to be able to try some candy from his childhood!
    Marianne S.’s last blog entry: Are You Moving Soon?

  16. judy gardner wrote on #

    i think i would like the 1970s box

  17. katie klein wrote on #

    The 80′s! Love airheads and nerds.

  18. Kate F. wrote on #

    I’d like to try the 1970s candy.


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