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As a mother who is active online in the blogging community and on social media, I’m definitely aware of the mommy wars (and may have lobbed a few barbs in them myself): breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, intact vs. circumcision, vaccinations vs. no vaccinations, and so on and so forth. Everyone judges, but not everyone has to engage in war with one another over opinions. What’s important is that we as mothers research and make informed decisions, and be respectful of other mothers’ decisions, even if those decisions are different from our own. Or, at the very least, agree to disagree, and keep the judgmental comments and non-constructive criticisms to ourselves.

Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t important to reach out to mothers to answer questions, provide advice, offer support, or provide information on why a particular decision they may be making or have already made isn’t necessarily the right one (for example: infants should never be in forward-facing car seats). But it’s important to not engage in the mommy wars, the shameful and incessant judging and mockery of one another. What does that do for us as an online community, as mothers, as women? Tearing each other down serves nobody in the end.

With that said, I took the pledge at StrongMoms Empower. Because more than anything, as a mother myself who isn’t perfect but strives to do right by her children, I’d much rather have support and helpful advice than judgment and mockery. We need to empower one another.

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Will you take the pledge? Visit StrongMoms Empower to learn more, and to add your name to the list.

Disclosure: I am participating in a blog campaign with One2One Network. I have not received any payment. All opinions are my own.

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