Money-saving tip: use trash bags instead of pricey refills to line your specialty cat litter bins

In our household, six cats means two litter boxes (one in each bathroom), and two litter boxes used by six cats means disposing of cat litter several times a day, every single day. A while back I picked up a Litter Locker for one bathroom, and a couple of months ago I purchased a Litter Genie for the other bathroom. While I love the convenience of disposing of litter right there in the bathroom, and it keeping its odors locked away, what I don’t like are the pricey refill cartridges for both units. At about $6 apiece, with the rate we fill up the Litter Locker and Litter Genie, we would be spending about $12 per week on refills. And that’s just money I don’t want to spend right now, since only one income is coming into our household.

Ruffies 8 gallon trash bags My solution? Trash bags. Specifically, Ruffies 8 gallon trash bags. $4.79 gets you 90 bags, and one bag will fit perfectly inside both the Litter Locker and the Litter Genie (lift up the top section of these units and instead of placing a refill cartridge inside them, simply put the bag in and hang the top edges of it over the unit, and then push the top portion back in place, which then holds the bag in place).

Instead of spending $12 per week on pricey refills, I spend $4.79 (+ tax) about once a year.

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  1. Joan wrote on #

    Now that is a great idea! I stopped in a pet store recently and saw the Litter Genie, but when I saw the price on the refills I about fainted. We have 5 cats & 2 boxes, so we change our litter just as often. Your idea will help our household tremendously! Thanks so much Jenn :-) Have a great day.


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