Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer

Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer is the perfect follow-up to Pur-Lisse Pur-Youth Preserve Age Delay Skin Serum. Apply the serum after cleansing your face, while skin is still damp. Then, after allowing a few minutes for the serum to soak in, finish with Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer.

Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer is the perfect daily (or twice daily, if you’re like me) moisturizer, no matter what type of skin you have. It’s perfect for normal, oily, or sensitive skin, and its Lotus Lupine 5, Vitamin E, peptide complex, and French marine plants blend ensures that your skin will be soft, supple, and youthful looking. What I like about this moisturizer is how clean it feels – its formula is light-weight, it spreads easily, and absorbs quickly.

Purchase Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer for $55.00.

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Rating: ★★★★★

Disclosure: Pur-Lisse and ShopNBC provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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