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Protein drinks have become a daily part of my life ever since having gastric bypass surgery three and a half years ago. Because my stomach is so small (about the size of large egg), it’s important that I choose high sources of protein in order to meet my daily needs. As most successful post-op gastric bypass (or similar weight loss surgeries, such as the vertical gastric sleeve) patients will tell you, it’s nearly impossible to meet your daily protein requirements (typically a minimum of 60g, with the ideal being 80-90g) without the aid of protein drinks.

Personally, what works for me is using 2-3 protein shakes per day to obtain a minimum of 40-60g of protein, and then using “real” food (dinner, usually; and often lunch) to meet the rest of my needs. A daily regimen of vitamins and supplements make up for the loss of nutrients I incur by not eating larger quantities of “real” food.

So, what’s in a protein drink? Well, whether it’s ready-made (liquid) or powder-based (requires a liquid to be mixed with for consumption), a high quality protein drink should provide a complete meal replacement: protein (preferably whey), with little fat and sugar. Some protein drinks even offer added fiber, vitamins, and minerals for additional nutritional value.

Big Train Big Train is a global food service brand that produces over 200 high quality and diverse products. Originating from California, today Big Train sends it products all distributors and retailers all over the world, and of course they also sell their products online at

For bariatric patients, Big Train’s specialty is their Fit Frappe Protein Drink Mix. Each single serve of protein drink mix provides 20-21 grams of protein, 19 different vitamins and minerals, and less than 2 grams of sugar, 4-6 net cards, and 130 calories. Available flavors:

And for an added burst of energy, all of the non-vanilla flavors contain 100mg-200mg of caffeine.

Big Train does a lot of research and interaction with weight loss surgeons, patients, and other experts/experienced individuals in the weight loss industry. You can read about their research and experiences that drove them to create the Fit Frappe line of drinks on their site at WLS Community & Fit Frappe Protein Drink Mixes.

The lovely people at Big Train provided me with the opportunity to sample their full line of Fit Frappe Protein Drink Mixes, which includes the six flavors mentioned above, plus a handy travel tumbler.

Big Train Protein Drinks
Big Train Protein Drinks

One of my favorite things about Big Train’s Fit Frappe packaging is that the most important ingredients and their amounts are highlighted right on the front. At a glance I can check on the amount of protein, sugar, and calories in any of the Fit Frappe products.
When it comes to mixing, Fit Frappe protein powder blends easily with milk or water, hot or cold. A lot of protein powders tend to chunk up a bit and become sludgey along the bottom, but Fit Frappe protein powder is thin and blends easily, without a lot of resistance or a lot of shaking.
Taste-wise, Fit Frappe is some of the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever tried, Spiced Chai Latte aside (but in all fairness, I’m not a fan of cloves, which is probably why I didn’t like this particular flavor). Big Train did an excellent job of blending the right kinds of flavors together to mask the typical grainy aftertaste of protein.

Big Train Protein Drinks
Big Train Protein Drinks

If you rely on protein mixes like I do, or simply enjoy protein drinks as a way of easily adding protein to your diet, and you enjoy vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors, you’ll definitely want to check out Big Train. In addition to their line of Fit Frappe Protein Drink Mixes, Big Train offers other specialty lines of drink products.

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Rating: ★★★★★

Disclosure: Big Train provided me with free products in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. OMG I’m so glad I read this because I have had this book marked for some time and I was afraid to buy any because I wasn’t sure if they tasted good, or if they went down smoothly and stayed down. I love Spiced Chi Latte and have been eyeing this flavor for some time. Have you tried adding a bit of vanilla to it? You’re amazing.
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