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Have I mentioned that I have six cats? Well, I do. Every time I watch an episode of Hoarders that is about a person who not only hoards stuff but animals as well, my husband and I joke that we’d be well on our way to having an episode all about us, except that we don’t have a trashed home. For what it’s worth, we didn’t set out to own six pets. For the longest time we had just two, and then a third. The rest we took in out of need: neglect, a pregnant stray’s litter, and then two strays who showed up on our doorstep unannounced.

Okay, enough of me desperately justifying and clarifying our ownership of half of a dozen cats (did I mention the dog? Or the tanked animals?). I’m bringing this up because when you have multiple animals, you need multiple carriers for them, in the event of road trips, vet visits, or god forbid, an emergency that requires evacuating the animals from the home, or simply just needing to somehow quarantine them. Traditional pet carriers, the hard plastic kind, are certainly durable and affordable, but they take up precious space. And if there’s one thing that’s a commodity in our home, it’s space.

EzyDog Pet Transporter Enter the EzyDog Pet Transporter from EzyDog. This pet carrier is a high quality collapsible carrier that is actually three separate panels put together: there’s the main body (the middle part that makes up the front and back, with the ventilation holes around three of its sides), and the side panels. The Pet Transporter comes packaged in its collapsible state, with sturdy zippers with reinforced rubber pull tabs, keeping the individual pieces (four total: the three separate panels, plus the removable shoulder strap) secured together in one flat, streamlined, easy-to-store-in-a-closet-or-under-a-bed package.

EzyDog generously provided me with a Pet Transporter to review. I had my choice of Mint Flowers (pretty flowers twining about on a mint-green background) or Grewy Swirl. Not a very floral-y kind of girl, and with only 2 of our 7 furry pets being females, I went for Grey Swirl, which is a gorgeously sleek and modern like gray with white and dark gray lines swirled throughout it.

Primary features of the EzyDog Pet Transporter:

EzyDog Pet Transporter EzyDog Pet Transporter
EzyDog Pet Transporter EzyDog Pet Transporter

As promised, the EzyDog Pet Transporter was a breeze to put together. The zippers glide easily along their tracks, and before reading the instructions I had the carrier assembled. While flexible, the Transporter is most definitely sturdy, with the inside softer for a pet’s comfortable, and the included pad decently cushioned (it secures with Velcro, so removal for cleaning is hassle-free). While no cat is ever thrilled about being placed inside any type of pet carrier, all of our cats did fine with being put in. And from a pet owner’s perspective, the rather small door on the Transporter makes it easier to efficiently place pets inside, since there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. The mesh front window is a nice touch, as it gives both contained pet and owner an easy view of each other. The side and top holes are great for ventilation, and assurances to the contained pet with pets from fingers and perhaps a slipped treat or two.

EzyDog Pet Transporter

EzyDog Pet Transporter

For transporting, the EzyDog Pet Transporter is easy to carry and wear. Use the removable shoulder strap to carry your pet on one side of your body, or across your body for better weight distribution. The top handle is very sturdy and comfortable to grasp as well. And seat belts do slip easily through it, which will keep your pet safely secured in your vehicle.

EzyDog Pet Transporter EzyDog Pet Transporter

You can purchase the EzyDog Pet Transporter for $40.00.

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Rating: ★★★★★


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Disclosure: EzyDog provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. katie klein wrote on #

    I like their convert harness.

  2. Aude Lising wrote on #

    The dog backpack kinda cracks me up. But would come in handy if you’re hiking, and not wanting to carry stuff, I guess.

  3. The Double Up collar looks cute and sturdy. I’d love to get a few of those.

  4. I would get the fold-a-bowl. So many people take their pets out and they definitely need to have food and/or water while out as well if it’s during a long period of time :)

  5. Joan Penfold wrote on #

    I want the harness for the car seat

  6. Mallory H. wrote on #

    I really like ezydog’s leashes and harnesses.

  7. Tamra H wrote on #

    I also like their Summit Backpack!

  8. Kelly Ann T. wrote on #

    I would like the Summit Backpack for my dog.


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