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Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra

A sexy, well-fitting bra is the key to pulling off a great outfit, and feeling good about yourself. And with New Year’s resolutions well underway, and Valentine’s Day just three weeks away, now’s the time to go bra shopping. But no need to count the money in your wallet and plan a trip to the mall for expensive department store or boutique bra shopping. Instead, you can find plenty of sexy, well-fitting bras in many different styles and a large range of sizes at Kmart and Walmart, thanks to .

Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra Vassarette has a great selection of bras, and they recently provided me with the opportunity to try out their Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra, a “Level 3” bra due to its ability to be adjusted to conceal or reveal cleavage. Yes, you read that right: this bra can amp up your cleavage if you so desire.

Available in sizes 34-36A, 32-38B, and 36-38C, in white, red, or black, and found at Kmart and Walmart, the Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra is the perfect day or night bra. It fastens in the back as most traditionally-designed bras do, but in the front, on the band between the cups, you’ll find a small clasp that’s similar to a bra hook for removable/repositionable straps (which this bra also offers!). Simply slip the clasp into one of the three slots located on the band between the cups to pump up cleavage or set a more conservative look.

Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra

Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra

Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra

Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra

The Adjustable Cleavage Bra is comfortable to wear (though I did notice a bit of scratchiness along the back bottom portion of the band – but once washed a second time with extra fabric softener, this went away), and front-adjustable straps make it easy to tighten or loosen them whether the bra is on or off. The straps themselves can be removed and repositioned for better support and breast-boosting-oomph, and/or to conceal better underneath certain types of shirts (criss-crossing the straps, for example, would be a good choice if you’re wearing a halter top). The front clasp took a little bit of wiggling to remove from one slot and slip into the next, but once in it’s definitely secure, and adjusting the front clasp so that the band is at its tightest pulls the cups closer together and adds a bit of lift, which definitely gives cleavage a great boost.

Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra

Comfort, support, cleavage-boosting and many adjustable options (straps, front clasp) make the Vassarette Adjustable Cleavage Bra a perfect choice. Its sexy style and color options (go for red!) just sweeten the deal. ;) Pick one up for $9.94 – $11.99 at Kmart or Walmart.

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Rating: ★★★★★

Disclosure: Vassarette provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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