Own Natural Skin Care Products (review + giveaway)

Own Natural Skin Care I have been using Own Natural Skin Care Products for a couple of weeks now, and I really, really like the entire renewing skin care product line. They’re high quality products, with light and clean scents, and they produce great results. I have incorporated them into daily use, both in the morning and at night, and my skin looks and feels clean, refreshed, smooth, and hydrated and healthy – just the way I like it. :)

Own Natural Skin Care Products

All of Own’s products are free of harsh chemicals (including sulfates and parabens) and chock full of healthy, natural ingredients (including vitamin E and CLA, a plant-based paraben that assists with collagen rebuilding and skin hydration), and are designed to help your skin be its best with gentle and effective cleansing and moisturizing.

Own can help you choose the best skin care products for your unique skin with their handy iPhone app, the My Own App. The app analyzes your skin and suggests the products that’ll work best for it. (Android app will be coming soon.)

Own Rejuvenating Cleanser Own Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser: The Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser, which features anti-aging components, is a cream-based formula that goes on easily and smoothly and makes it easy to cleanse your face first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The Rejuvenating Cleanser contains both vitamin E and glycolic acid, which work together to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and freshen skin. This cleanser works great on all areas of the face, and does a nice job of taking off makeup or just working alone on bare skin. You can purchase a 5 oz. tube of Own Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser for $12.00.

Own Refining Moisture Night Cream Own Refining Moisture Night Cream: The Refining Moisture Night Cream, another anti-aging product from Own, provides skin hydration and illumination via a thick, luxurious cream that contains CLA, a special plant-based ingredient that enhances collegen levels, which in turn aids with hydration, moisture retention, and overall smoother, younger-looking skin. This cream goes on smooth and spreads easily, and soaks in quickly, without leaving behind any residue. Purchase a 1.7 oz jar of Own Refining Moisture Night Cream for $24.00.

Own Lifting Eye Cream Own Lifting Eye Cream: The Lifting Eye Cream may be a more “specialized” skin care product, but out of all of the Own Skin Care products, I think it’s my favorite! Stress + being a work-at-home workaholic have taken its toll: my brain doesn’t know how to shut itself off most nights. Throw in a husband with as-yet-untreated sleep apnea, and the result is a Jenn who doesn’t get a good night’s sleep most of the time. The Lifting Eye Cream does an excellent job at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness while brightening up skin around the eyes. Simply dab a bit on your fingers, then smooth around the eyes. While the amount of product may seem to be on the small side, trust me, it’ll last a while – one application (for both eyes) is about half of a pencil eraser worth, in my experience. Purchase a .5 oz tube of Own Lifting Eye Cream for $24.00.

Own Firming Silk Concentrate Own Firming Silk Concentrate: The Firming Silk Concentrate is another specialized product in the line of Own Natural Skin Care Products, and probably my second-most favorite, because of its firming properties. Having lost a significant amount of weight (171 lbs, to be exact) in the last three years, I fret and worry over the slightest hint of sag in skin on and around my face. Firming Silk Concentrate is perfect for that. This serum is designed to treat all three layers of skin by quickly absorbing and rebuilding structure, resulting in more taut, as well as brighter and overall younger-looking skin. I have been using this on my neck and around my eyes and mouth with great results. Purchase a 1 oz. bottle of Own Firming Silk Concentrate for $24.99.

Own Dual Protecting Day Lotion Own Dual Protecting Day Lotion: The Dual Protecting Day Lotion is perfect for any time of the year, but especially on those days when you’ll be going out of doors. It’s recommended to apply sunscreen anytime you’re outdoors, even in cooler weather (while you may not burn as quickly during the colder months of the year, when we’re further away from the sun, skin damage can still occur!), and Own’s Dual Protecting Day Lotion takes care of that by providing a moisturizer and SPF all in one. This lotion contains an SPF of 30 in a non-greasy, moisturizing formula that’ll protect your face while hydrating and leaving your skin feeling great. Purchase a 1.7oz tube of Dual Protecting Day Lotion for $23.00.

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Disclosure: Own provided me with free products in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I would LOVE to try the Dual Protecting SPF30 Day Lotion instead of using a sunscreen first I can use this combined lotion!

  2. Ethel wrote on #

    I always remove my makeup before sleeping and always use a moisturizer.

  3. Ethel wrote on #

    I’m looking forward to try the Own Rejuvenating Cleanser. I’m looking for a good cleanser!

  4. Skin tips: wash face with a gentle cleanser, exfoliate once a week (if you exfoliate more, you expose your skin to more bacteria), then use toner and finish off with face lotion.

  5. I’d love to try the skin lifting eye cream. Totally need it!

  6. Yeny F. wrote on #

    My best skin tip is to wash face with oatmeal. Just oatmeal and water. It does work very well as an exfoliant.
    Yeny F.’s last blog entry: NOTD – Nabi Nail Polish


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