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The stark truth about our world and especially the media – news channels and networks — is that the information released to the general public is selective in nature. Sometimes details are omitted. Other times details are changed. In some cases entire stories are withheld altogether. Untold News is an organization that focuses on sharing the real, uncensored, unaltered news about the Middle East, in particular the non-political aspects of Israel. Did you know, for example, that Israel has been quick to send Crisis Teams to nations in need? Or how about the fact that Israel is home to more start-up companies and inventions than the entirety of Europe combined?

Untold News’ main goal is to help enhance and perhaps give clarity to the perceptions the United States has about Israel. There is a target audience in mind, but it isn’t the anti-Israel group. Rather, it’s college graduates who know little and are not actively seeking information about Israel. The team behind Untold News consists of Steve Farkas, Gadi Lalazar and Amy Rubenstein (all board of directors), and is lead by Marcella Rosen, who founded Untold News in January of 2010.

Here are three great videos that visually demonstrate just what Untold News is about:



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  1. Cinda wrote on #

    WOW. The second video really caught my attention, Just the fact that someone would even think to invent something like this is miraculous! Can you imagine the gratitude these people feel towards these scientists when they discover how much freedom this can give them? Also the chance to express themselves when they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I am astounded by the fact that this has been thought of and I hope it becomes widely known for the disabled so that they can communicate properly with their family members.

  2. Cinda wrote on #

    I have subscribed to Untold News on youtube (UN: MsRaider88)

  3. Cinda wrote on #

    I liked In My Bag on Facebook :)

  4. Cinda wrote on #

    I follow you on twitter (@Cinda)

  5. Kat wrote on #

    I was really interested in the video about being able to move a wheelchair with your nose.
    As a disabled person myself, and having a sister in law with MS and is currently in a wheelchair and losing more and more mobility every single day, I found this invention to not only be incredible, but wow, if this invention can find it’s way across and around the world, then people like my sister in law, will still be able to “move herself”, get around her own home without someone else having to push her chair for her, or help her navigate around corners and in rooms. This invention is amazing and I can totally see it being used by so many different types of disabled people in wheelchairs, it will literally free them from the confines of their chairs, and allow them to live and feel more in control of their own lives.
    Kat’s last blog entry: Keeping score.

  6. Kat wrote on #

    I subscribed to their Youtube channel, my username is mskat3170

  7. Kat wrote on #

    I have “Liked” In My Bag on Facebook.

  8. Kat wrote on #

    I already follow you on Twitter, username is mskat


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