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Fashion Bug bras

I have shopped at Fashion Bug for over a decade, but one thing I have never purchased from them is bras. Their bras have always fit weird. Either the cups were too narrow (yes, narrow), too low, too high, or the straps were positioned oddly, or a combination of the above. But now that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and my bra size is a much more manageable 40ish D-DD (depending on the bra), which means no more shopping for bras large enough to make pool floats out of, I thought I’d give Fashion Bug’s bras another chance. After all, being 250+ and 300+ lbs. can make even plus size apparel and intimates fit oddly.

I picked up four bras from Fashion Bug, including one that was marked down to $8. It’s on the plain side — black, semi sheer, with underwires (underwires are a must for me) and a cute silver rhinestone-studded heart-shaped charm in the middle of the front — but hey, for eight bucks I’m not going to complain. If it fits, is comfortable and provides the support and oomph I’m looking for, I’m game!

The bra in question, which looks a lot like this lace underwire bra, meets my criteria, but I do have a complaint. The molding of the underwires brings them up and between my cleavage and presses them against my chest — hard. It isn’t too bad at first, but after several hours of wearing the bra the pressure from the underwires is definitely apparent, and by the end of the day I have red marks and tender spots from the pressure of the underwires pressing against my chest.

I love this bra, except for the underwires pressing in — because it seriously HURTS after a day of wear. But on the plus side, at least there is ample support and lift! ;)

Rating: ★★★☆☆


It’s barely 4 in the afternoon and I couldn’t take the pressure/rubbing/PAIN any longer — I took the bra off. It lasted less than eight hours. Nice, Fashion Bug. Real nice. For those interested, here’s a picture showing the painful marks the bra’s underwires left between my breasts.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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  1. Niki wrote on #

    Ouch! Holy crap girl!


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