Upcoming review: Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit

Now that I’ve lost 60ish lbs. (the first 40 came off prior to surgery, the last 20 after surgery. No fat burner required!), I decided to drag out my winter wool coat. It’s a thigh-length black coat that my husband bought for me close to seven years ago. Well, when I pulled it out I was dismayed at the amount of cat hair and general bits of this and that all over it. Whoops. That’s what I get for keeping it in a closet, unprotected, for several years. I hate dealing with dry cleaning services, simply because it’s such a pain to find a local one and run back and forth to it, so I decided to pick up a Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit.

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit The Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit features three steam cleaning cloths, a large zippered laundering bag, and an instant stain-removal pen. It also contains instructions on how to use, which are ridiculously easy to follow. Basically, throw the articles of clothing in the bag, add in a steam cleaning cloth, then toss in the dryer on medium heat for thirty minutes.

I’ll let you know how it goes! :)

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