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Cacique Back Smoothing bra

Earlier this summer Lane Bryant sent me a new bra to review — the Cacique Back Smoothing bra. It’s designed to smooth out your appearance “from every angle”.

Cacique Back Smoothing Bra My first impression of the Cacique Back Smoothing bra is that it is a lot like the smooth satin full-coverage bra. But after wearing it for a bit, I can definitely find some differences. The first big difference is how the bra fits — like a glove, almost. The sides and back are wide and supportive, but flat, so that there aren’t any noticeable, unflattering bulges.

The other differences I noticed really aren’t that positive, in my opinion. The bra is comfortable, fits well, and provides great support and lift, but one thing it does not provide is give. You know how most bras are slightly stretchy around the cups, back band and straps? This bra isn’t. What you see is what you get. There is no give or stretching. So if you have the cups runneth over syndrome, you may wish to consider buying this bra in a bigger cup and/or band size.

Besides the slightly spillage-due-to-no-stretching issue, the bra is comfortable, and definitely molds itself to my body nicely. Although I have to say it is not the best summer bra, first because of the material, and second because it’s full coverage, which means the cups come up higher, the sides come up higher, the back comes up higher, and so on and so forth. It really sticks out with tank tops, and with many lower cut tops, too.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Lainie Liz wrote on #

    I too love the smooth satin full coverage bra for its fit – I’ve also had my own wire problems – But given the options , I keep buying them because the are the best option for the bigguns…

    This week I ordered 4 of the new back smoothers online.. They came yesterday – I agree that they are a great concept – and I like the softness.. But they are almost a cup size smaller than the 42DD in the Satin Full coverage… I got bad boobage (that’s what I call overflow) from this bra and was so dissappointed… Heading to the local Lanes ( where the staff has so much bad attitude- which is why I buy online ) tonite to see if the bigger cup size works… I’ll report back on that !


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