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Goddess bras

Suffice to say, without the aid of weight loss products or a strength and determination that I haven’t yet come into possession of, I will continue to wear a specialty bra size that isn’t available in most stores. I even have trouble finding my bra size in plus-size shops like Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant. But my problem isn’t the band size, it’s the cup size. I can find my band size and then some in most plus size stores. But try finding my band size + DDD. Let me tell you, it’s not happening!

Goddess bra So when I know of a reputable brand of bra, I tend to stick with it. Last week I was browsing eBay and found a listing for a Goddess bra, and since I know and trust Goddess bras from my days of nursing and wearing nursing bras (can you believe I scored six of them for just $5 apiece at an outlet store?!), I went ahead and bought the bra.
I got the bra a few days ago, and I tried it out the day I got it, and then wore it again today. It’s comfortable… mostly. There’s a weird lump of strap right near the strap adjuster on the right side, and it itches and pokes beneath my shoulder blade. I had to adjust that strap to a tighter-than-usual position in order to alleviate the lump of strap. But other than that, the support is excellent, and the girls are very well showcased.

However, I must admit that I have my doubts on how long the bra will last for. You see, the underwires and numerous side panels are made out of plastic. I know this because I have been listening to them creak since a few minutes after trying on the bra for the first time. You would think that bra manufacturers would provide big-chested girls with underwires and panels made out of metal more often, and not cheaper plastic which will definitely break sooner!

Well, time will only tell… I’ll continue to wear the bra, hand wash it and air dry it, and report back when the underwires do finally give way, which they eventually will (I’m sure of it).

Rating: ★★★½☆

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