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Kotex rolls out the biggest tampon known to man

Kotex sent me a sample of their new Security Super Plus Tampon. This thing is massive. Now, I understand the “super plus”, but seriously? Was a tampon with an applicator the size of my vibrator really necessary?

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled out one of a Tampax Pearl Super tampon and snapped a few side-by-side pictures. I think the pictures definitely speak for themselves:

DSC_2165 (by Jenn ?)

DSC_2169 (by Jenn ?) DSC_2171 (by Jenn ?)

I’m almost grateful that I carelessly left the tampon on our bed, and Leah, my Pug puppy, got a hold of it and destroyed it. I’m not one to be wasteful, especially with sanitary products, as they are typically pretty expensive. So thanks Leah, for saving me the trouble of stopping the flow with a tampon the size of a small dildo! Sorry Kotex, but there’s no way in hell I’m impaling myself with something that big! Especially when I’m on my period and in a lot of pain to begin with.

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  1. Traci wrote on #

    Dood you should opened it and shown us how big the cotton was.

  2. admin wrote on #

    @Traci I really should have. after Leah yanked the applicator off the tampon itself really did fluff out. It was WIDE.

  3. Stephanie wrote on #

    My vagina hurts just looking at it. Imagine if that thing was dry when you tried to remove it and replace it. Talk about painful.

    • Curly wurly wrote on #

      You shouldn’t be using this size if dry when pulled out!!!!Doh!!! Try tampax mini!!!!

  4. Kat wrote on #

    OMG! That IS huge! LOL

    Thank you for posting it, I’m still laughing about it and now that I’ve seen it, it makes it even funnier hahahahaa

  5. nichole wrote on #

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    omg. that is one painful looking tampon. damn. lol

  6. Amber wrote on #

    that thing is huge! how are you expected to use it….

  7. Angie wrote on #

    My father-in-law used a tampon once to stop the bleeding of a puncture wound on a horse. Too bad that hadn’t been invented yet, it would have been ideal!

    Super Plus Tampons: Now for injured horses!

  8. Terry wrote on #

    what is that for, a horse!

  9. RT wrote on #

    This type of thing may seem like a joke to some people, but there are those of us who can go through a super plus tampon in 1/2 an hour. I admit that the shape is intimidating and I am not sure that I would have the nerve to insert it, but if you have ever had to run to the bathroom every hour or been unable to sleep more than a couple of hours before having to get up an change you super tampon/pad combo, you will be willing to try anything.

  10. K wrote on #

    Not new, the Super Plus has been around for a few years. This is what you have to look forward to if you develop fibroids. You will want something more massive than this.

  11. kiki wrote on #

    So…. iii dont really know why all of you are freaking out because.. ive used them and they dont feel any different than a super plus tampax pearl. if you can take a dick…. you can take a kotex security super plus tampon. come on ladies, suck it up.

    • Fieldmouse wrote on #

      Haha! Exactly what I was thinking! You all think you’re too “small” down there. But seriously, you are not a teenager anymore and yes if you can take d*ck you can take that! šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚

  12. MIMI wrote on #

    mk idk who this kiki cariii thinks she is but she mus be takin some fat black dong to be able to put that applicator in her coocoo.

  13. kiki wrote on #


    ya. im takin james earl jones. wtf is up yo pus…

    ma dick… large like da chargers, da whole team, yo shit look like you 14.

  14. mimi wrote on #

    ahhh james earl jones. is that playtex’s new plopdropstopper? im sure he works wonders soaking up your heavy flow with your wide set vachinatown.

    ps we got dicks like [james].

  15. kiki wrote on #

    no its yo cock

  16. mimi wrote on #

    oh duhhhhh my right han-…left hand man!

  17. kiki wrote on #

    are you always left handed or just when you insert tampons?

  18. mimi wrote on #


  19. ani wrote on #

    wow, u guys r lame.

    anyway, i think i ll buy this the next time. i’ve been having probs and this might solve it. doesnt hurt to try i guess.

  20. Amy wrote on #

    If you’ve had kids or have super heavy periods I bet this tampon would be useful. Plus it’s much smaller than the average dick lol, can you imagine being confronted with one that thin?!

    I LOVE how it’s purple… more tampons should be purple, or pink or whatever, tampons should be more fun and pretty!

  21. riffraff wrote on #

    Hmm, it’s smaler than a baby and one of those fit through my vagina just fine. Seriously though, tampons are terrible. Get a cup! I’ve been using a cup since 2001, cheaper, better for my body, better for the environment, though not for people who freak out at the ida of touching their own genitals…

  22. irelyn wrote on #

    wow guys. just because this thing is huge doesnt mean it hurts. i just got my frigging period nd im already on supers nd theyre not much smaller,, you get used to themm and pulling them out when theyre dry dont hurt at all. you guys are just wimps.

  23. Bob wrote on #

    Is the new tampon out on the store shelves now? If so…what store carries them? I would love to buy some and try them. I love wearing tampons and would love to try the Kotex tampon.

  24. s wrote on #

    u ppl r wimps lol im 14 n super plus don’t hurt me at all!

  25. Natalie wrote on #

    this is great news for anyone who has had a large baby and cannot wear ‘regular’ super plus tampons anymore…

  26. chieromancer wrote on #

    You laugh now, but wait till you hit menopause. You’ll be wearing two of those plus an adult diaper.

  27. Migy wrote on #

    My vagina hurts looking at this

  28. anon wrote on #

    Pain on your period? Red raspberry leaves or fenugreek capsules take care of that easy. Muira puama helps too, if you have dysmenorrea, which it sounds like you may have.

    I don’t see the need for wasteful tampons at all with reusabe instead softcups or diva/moon cup. So much better. You can always wait until you get home to refresh. It’s done in 5 minutes with a ‘takeout’ cup of water and soap or baby wipes. Tampons are messy and reek. Diva cups collect and can be dumped out. It’s healthier to wash between uses anyway. constantlt sticking a tampon up there with no washing? Gross.

  29. claripossum wrote on #

    Ran across this today and I think I am definitely picking up a box of these in three weeks or so when I’ll need them. Since the birth of my second child (first was a c-section), the normal tampons keep leaking on me. I suspect it’s partly because I tore three times during the birth and things just ain’t shaped the same, but I would love to not have to wear a tampon AND a pad.

  30. Brit wrote on #

    I googled hoping to find something bigger then this size. I’ve been using this for years. After having my first baby, this size only lasts about an hour. Ugh.

  31. diane wrote on #

    Yes when you girls get older the heavy bleeding starts and it’s a nightmare. These tampons are not felt at all when their used during heavy bleeding. Unreal to me that people bash what they don’t understand or need.I could use some with even more absorbance as I go through this size in a half hour to 45 minutes on my heaviest day. Just wait till your up all night with this problem and on top of that dealing with the common companion, menstral migraines.

    • Jenn wrote on #

      Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/jennsbag/public_html/wp-content/themes/2015/functions.php on line 212

      I dealt with accompanying pain and headaches until a year and a half ago, when I finally found a surgeon willing to perform a hysterectomy on me. Now, I realize that’s a pretty drastic solution, but it worked for me. :) I hope you’re able to find some relief. As for menstrual products…perhaps cloth pads in conjunction with super-absorbency tampons may provide enough protection?

  32. Noelle wrote on #

    If you think that’s big you should see tampax or ob’s ultra! It’s like walking around with my bf’s junk inside me….

  33. Tiggy wrote on #

    have used one and i am a young girl they arent that bad ppl

  34. Jen wrote on #

    They don’t hurt at all I’m fourteen…. And they feel like a regular one. Damn you wimps

  35. Ash wrote on #

    The picture really makes it look a lot bigger than it really is.. I’m and it’s perfect


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