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Cacique sheer lace full-coverage bra

Wearing a larger cup size means shopping at specialty stores for bras. For the past three years all of my bras have come from Lane Bryant. I have good reason for sticking to this store’s bras: not only do they come in my size (DDD), but they fit true to size. And they’re not just your run of the mill over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, that are built for function and not for style. Lane Bryant’s bras do provide support and are quite functional, but they are also quite attractive. Of course, even LB, one of the leading stores for plus size clothing, discriminates against plus size women. Their extensive collection of attractive, sexy and feminine bras typically run to DD and no higher. For us DDD+ ladies, we have a much smaller collection of pretty bras available to us.

Anyway, the bra that I am reviewing is one that I am wearing right now: Cacique’s sheer lace full-coverage bra. I have two of these bras (black and pink), and I plan on going back to the LB outlet to pick up a few more. The bra does come with underwires along the bottom, and stiff side panels, all of which seem well contained within the fabric. The cups are slightly stretchy, and are definitely not the full coverage as the page claims they are. I would label this bra style to be a balconette.

The bra is very comfortable, breathes well and fits nicely. It’s easy to adjust, and I am having no problems with the back riding up or straps digging into my shoulders. I do have two complaints about the bra. First, the underwires are very thick and solid, so they sometimes dig in and rub the skin underneath my breasts. And second, the material of the bra is rather sheer, so make sure to not wear a sheer top, or else you’ll be giving everyone a good glimpse of your nipples!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Lori Balentine wrote on #

    I LOVE this bra, but can’t find it anymore on the west coast! They have redesigned here and the new model stinks. It is stiff and itchy among other things.
    Help if you know where to find this in a 44DDD


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