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Ashley Stewart Butterfly Bra

The Ashley Stewart Butterfly Bra is the answer to every big chested girl’s prayers. Prior to having children, I was a DD cup. After two pregnancies and two years of combined breastfeeding, I have remained steady at a DDD cup. Needless to say, it can be somewhat difficult to find stylish, supportive bras in my size. And when I do, it’s a hit or miss thing in terms of that bra being comfortable.

I would say that my biggest complaint with any bra is straps digging in, and a back band that isn’t wide enough, and winds up rolling up/down onto itself. This is definitely a problem with any strapless bra that I have had.

The Ashley Stewart Butterfly Bra claims to solve a lot of problems us big chested girls run into, including:

I splurged and purchased the strapless Ashley Stewart Butterfly Bra. It’s built the same way the regular bra is, except that its straps are clear and can be adjusted in six different ways, including being removed altogether.

I think the best feature of the Butterfly Bra is the back of it. Rather than one narrow band, there are two wide bands, spaced 2-3 inches apart from one another. This means that while it can be a pain to get yourself in and out of the bra, the support is amazing, because the weight of your breasts and the support of them is distributed widely and evenly across your back. Backaches and rolled up/down back bands are a thing of the past with this bra!

Of course, where there’s good, there’s bad. The bra is amazing and comfortable, but it can be difficult to get into and out of yourself. Also, the bra is very restrictive when latched and pulled up to the right height; I had trouble drawing a full breath!

But I will say that the bra is comfortable and does its job; as you can see from the following photos, there is definitely good support going on!

DSC_8924 (by Jenn ?)

DSC_8898 (by Jenn ?)

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Marie wrote on #

    I must buy one ASAP, if it will even fit me. I can’t believe you can lose 100 pounds, weigh 155, and still have to find large DDD bras. As in I can’t even fit into some DDD bras. They have gotten smaller, but not much.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Valencia wrote on #

    This bra was awful. It was huge (bigger than current bra in same size). It was hard to put on. It was popping through my shirt (unlike my current bra). It was heavily padding for some unknown reason. I don’t need padding.

  3. Reeses wrote on #

    I must agree with Valencia…tho not horrible, not comfortable either. Its too big. I wear a 38 DDD, and in other bras thats tight, but this bra is too big, and the straps dont adjust high enough. Also the back is uncomfortable. Tho, i must say it makes your back look better in clothing, it does nothing for the front, less support than my last “regular” bra.

  4. Ernestaysha wrote on #

    Mtay I couldnt wait for this bra! Saved up and got is on sale! I saw it was $19.99 and I got 4!! I got this bra yesterday and it was HUGE! I have HUGE Boobs already so an extra huge bra was dissapointing but I said with all of this padding, it has to work! Well no, its ugly and it feels so uncomfortable..I am halfway through the day and is so ready to take it off…Im back at square one…The bra does not dig into my shoulder but with 44DDD breasts its not easy on my back either. I would not undress in front of anyone because if you didnt explain it to them, they would think you are wearing 2 bras…The 2 bras in back..uncomfortable..underwire uncomfy..Ill stick to Lane Bryant. I am glad I didnt pay the entire $44.00..oh and why would they put extra padding in a bra this big? My boobs dont need any extra foreal foreal foreal. I am sad because I support all plus size markets. Deal or Dud! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO LANE BRYANT!

  5. kim wrote on #

    I already returned my bra for a refund. The Butterfly Bras is one of the worst bras I have ever purchased. I am really dissapoointed because I waited until this thing was back in stock. After I was able to get the darn thing on, I found it to be the most uncomfortable bra I have ever worn and the cups were just HUGE!! All this after spending $44 +tax!! Save your money!

  6. Betsy wrote on #

    I have to agree with everyone on this one. This bra is the worst! Just like you all I thought..finally a bra that will actually support!!! WRONG!!! It’s huge!!! Very uncomfortable. The strap always was sliding off my shoulders. Although, I will say one thing…I don’t know about other females but my “headlights” goes on at awkward moments so it definitely got me covered in that department! But I was actually looking up how to wash the bra(being that it is so complicated!!!!) and came across this site and read all of your comments and I definitely, absolutely agree 100% that this bra is definitely not worth it….Thanks for the name of Lane Bryant!!!! Definitely shopping there!!!!

  7. Darlene Gilchrist wrote on #

    What is the procedure for getting the Butterfly Bra on? Thinking of buying one, but those 2 backstraps look abit complicated.


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