Octopus clip

octopus clip I have thick, coarse hair. Even when it isn’t at shoulder length, it’s too much for average clips and claws to handle. Now that my hair is a few inches past my shoulders, I definitely need to bring in the big guns. For hair like mine, nothing works the best except for the octopus clip. This is sold under a variety of names, by Goody, Vidal Sassoon and many others. I have quite a few from Goody. They call theirs spider claws.

This is the spider claw/octopus clip in action:

121/365 (by Jenn ?)

As you see, it does a great job of gathering and securing thick amounts of hair in a stylish manner. It doesn’t slip or pinch, and after two years of use I have yet to have one of these awesome clips break!

Rating: ★★★★★

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