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Get an “It’s Electric!” Box from Groovy Lab in a Box!

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This seems like the perfect end-of-summer activity for those of you with science-loving kids! Groove on over to the Groovy Lab in a Box website to do the “E” in STEM! Groovy Lab in a Box is hands-on STEM, project based learning made FUN where STEMists? do the “E” in ?STEM! There is plenty of Engineering Design Challenge in every groovy box!

In the It’s Electric! Groovy Lab in a Box single-sized box you’ll be able to investigate static electricity, origin and structure of the atom, paper circuits, switches, a groovy door alarm to keep any trespassers out of your room and much, much more!

It's Electric!

The Engineering Design Challenge: You are a groovy electrical engineer who has been contracted by the latest groovy dance group. Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a groovy dance pad with specific criteria and constraints?

Explore various science and engineering practices aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. .

Don’t forget: Every Groovy Lab in a Box comes with a groovy, retro-themed Lab Notebook where STEMists will take notes, draw pictures, redesign their engineering projects and apply their critical thinking skills. Plus, all groovy STEMists get access to the Beyond…in a Box web portal for additional groovy learning and STEM fun!


Journal 10

Journal 10

Journal 10 is the perfect gift for any graduate! Time flies may be a time-old (haha, aren’t I punny?) cliche, but it’s certainly true. And the older you get, the faster time seems to go. At graduation, surprise the grad on your list with a Journal 10. Journal 10 is a ten year journal that offers plenty of spots to record all of life’s big and small moments – from the first post-graduate job to the first house to the first baby, Journal 10 has all of the necessary spots for big milestones, as well as everyday events and highlights.

Journal 10 features:

Journal 10

Journal 10

Buy it!

You can purchase Journal 10 for $39.95 at

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Save $5 on Mabel’s Labels Back-to-School Combos

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You’ve still got time to take advantage of Mabel’s Labels early bird pricing of $5 off their new Back-to-School Combos! These bestselling combo packs include all the durable, waterproof labels you’ll need to keep everything out of the lost and found. Whether you have a little one going to school or nursery school for the first time, or an older student with more sophisticated taste, Mabel’s Labels has the perfect labels for students of all ages.

Shop now at and get $5 off! Hurry, this offer ends Friday, 7/31!


[COUPON] Buy a Kellogg’s product and get a FREE book!

This is a perfect deal for back-to-school: buy any eligible Kellogg’s product at Walmart, and you’ll get a code for a free book! This is perfect for stocking your child’s at-home library, or even for donating books to your child’s school.

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Custom Made Engagement Rings Melbourne Odd Has the Edge

Opinions can be unwavering: engagement rings should be traditionally styled, only. But the eccentric or quirky may find an odd ring has the most potential.

Image by BuzzFarmers via Flickr

It’s a delicate balance. Fresh from making the huge decision about whether you want to propose or not, or a mutual decision about getting married, the last thing you may want to undertake are the challenges of finding just the right, the perfect, the most ideal engagement ring. Don’t ever discount the excitement of the decision, the enthralling rush of the moment: the moment you find the right ring (whether you’re making the choice alone or as a couple) and when you finally place the ring on her finger.

You will often hear that you can’t go wrong with a traditional, classic ring. And certainly, there is a lot to be said about tradition, the classics, a solid investment and jewellery that will “go with” anything she wears. When friends, family, acquaintances, work associates and strangers see her left hand, they will know she is engaged; there will be no doubt. Then again, choosing an engagement ring is not just about you. If you’re thinking investment, you’re thinking money and, god-forbid, if you ever have to sell it. None of that is romantic, really. If you know that is what she wants, if she’s told you that is what she wants, then, sure, you cannot go wrong.

But, what if you have a whimsical gal, who would not be described as traditional and conservative, as classic or preppy? What if your girl was eccentric and quirky? She doesn’t have to be Steam Punk or Goth to appreciate a more unique ring.  She just has to be the girl you’re in love with and will be in love with for the rest of your lives together. Thankfully, you have custom made engagement rings Melbourne at the ready and available to you. Despite the common perception, custom-made rings are not cost prohibitive. You can have a beautiful, oh-so-unique engagement ring despite the budget you have in mind and must adhere to.

Doing research is probably the best advice anyone can give you. Poll your friends and associates, and find out if they’ve dealt with a reputable jewellery dealer. If you trust your friend implicitly, then trust their opinion. When my cousin Brady was sending mass emails and Facebook status posts, asking about jewellers and for help on what he should do about his pending (and hopeful) engagement, I knew who to recommend.

A girl I knew well in university, my friend Miranda, had gone on and on about how amazing her jeweller was, in design and character, and her ring was absolutely stunning – the oohs, ahhs, and coos were audible and admiring. I wanted to confirm the name of the jeweller and I was super happy to find out “her guy” was in Melbourne, so my cousin would have a very easy jaunt to work everything out. Located in the CBD of Melbourne, Simon West made Miranda’s fiancé a ring I know she would’ve designed herself. Her fiancé – and her jeweller – were that good. I assumed she’d designed her own ring – she’s fun and flirty and has a very happy-go-lucky personality. She’s athletic and literary. And somehow, they managed to create the perfect ring for her.

I tracked down her now-husband Thomas, and set up a “coffee” date at Queen Victoria Market, shared (well, we each had our own) jam donuts and tea and Thomas gave us the scoop on what it was like getting Miranda a custom, handmade, super unique engagement ring. Thomas schooled Brady on how to visit the Simon West showroom, and fill out a super simple form online to set up an appointment for a consultation.

It was very convincing and made a tremendous amount of sense. Who wouldn’t love a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, a conversation piece that defines your relationship, something that professes and announces your fiance’s love and affection for you? A unique custom ring, for a unique woman expresses who and what she is, and provides her with a ring she adores. In other words, you can present your partner with the perfect engagement ring.


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