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Can You Save Money By Grooming Your Dog At Home?

All owners know that dogs can be pretty expensive and sometimes you need to find ways to trim the budget a little. Many trim that budget by trimming the dog themselves. Professionals have plenty of experience in grooming dogs but there’s nothing to stop you from taking care of it yourself. If you have a breed that quickly grows fine hair that can easily knot, like a Lhasa Apso, it’s almost essential to do the grooming yourself if you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount on them. So, how do you make sure starting to groom the dog yourself is as far from traumatic for you and your pup as possible?

brown dog
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Comfortable and ready makes for a much more pleasant experience

Whether you’re grooming their hair or their nails, a cleaner dog is much easier to work with. Their hair can gather in tangles and hair that will be painful to groom unless they’re softened and washed out. Helping them relax before and after the bath is going to make the process, as well. Treats are a great way to positively reinforce any behavior. If you start giving them a snack after each successful grooming, they’ll grow accustomed to it and behave much better. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep a hold of their neck or leg when possible to stop any sudden movements from hurting them.

Know your dog and their fur

Different breeds have different kinds of fur, so make sure you research which combs, clippers, and slicker brushes are best for yours. If you have a pedigree, then breed club websites will have tips on what tools work best, what look you should aim for (if you’re not getting creative) and other tips like how to work with their hair. It’s not a bad idea to go to the professionals for one last time just to get some tips. Make sure you’re paying attention to not just the breed, but their needs based on the season, too. In the summer, for instance, you are most likely going to have to give them a trim more often.

Be ready for the occasional mistake

We want to avoid mistakes as much as possible. For that reason, it’s important to remember to check your tools before and during work. If your clippers aren’t sharp, you’re more likely to tug on their hair rather than cut it. Clippers can get very hot, too, so a simple touch test will help you better figure out whether you might be hurting your dog. If they’re too hot, unplug them. Clipping the nails is where you’re most likely to cause a little pain, however. Even the pros occasionally end up cutting the dogs they work with when doing this delicate work. Causing a cut at some point is as good as inevitable. What’s important is that you have dog styptic powder at the ready to help treat any cuts. Your dog might be timid and a bit jumpy after a cut, but if you take your time, apologize with a treat and ease them back into it, they will quickly forget it ever happened.

If you want to start grooming your dog, the sooner you get into the habit, the better. Dogs are naturally wary of new experiences and many of them don’t like grooming at all. They have to get used to you, and if you can make that happen while they’re still young, they’ll grow accustomed to it much more easily.


6 Steps To A Happier Pet

Who wouldn’t love to have a pet that felt happy each and every day? Pets aren’t automatically happy. If they’re not being cared for properly, then they’re going to feel out of sorts. It isn’t fair to own a pet if you don’t plan on taking good care of them, and yet people still don’t provide everything their pet needs to be happy. You might think you’re giving your pet everything they need, but something may be missing. Here are 6 steps to a happier pet to help you:

1. A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Is your dog eating a healthy, balanced diet, or is it eating much of the same? Make sure you know what foods they can and can’t have. For example, dogs should never eat human chocolate, but are safe to eat dog chocolate. Most don’t realize they can eat many fruits and vegetables that humans can eat too, but some are off limits.

2. Mental Stimulation

A pet needs mental stimulation to have a great quality of life. You could teach them a few tricks, for example, or make them work for their food.

3. Physical Stimulation

Physical stimulation, i.e. regular exercise, is also crucial for a happier pet. Make it fun for both of you. Can you go running, or even biking together? Many pet owners enjoy doing things like this with their pet. If you have a smaller pet, you won’t be able to do this, but you still have plenty of options. You could build them an obstacle course!

credit: Pixabay

4. Regular Health Checks

Regular health checks ensure that nothing is bothering your pet below the surface. If you leave it too long in between visits, something may crop up and get worse before you know it. Then, it’ll take more time and money to get fixed, if it can even get fixed at all. For emergencies, having the best pet stroller on hand can be great. This way, you can take your pet to the vet without worrying about putting them under stress. Monitor changes in your pet’s behaviour too.

5. The Odd Treat

Your pet needs a treat every now and again. You can give them treats made especially for them, like birthday cake made from safe ingredients to celebrate another year! Having pet-safe treats on hand can also be great for teaching them a new trick or skill.

You might even like to treat your pet to a new toy, bed, or another luxury.

6. Pampering And Grooming

Pampering and grooming is necessary for pets to stay healthy and happy. If their fur gets too long, for instance, it can impair their vision. If their claws get too long, their day to day lives can become uncomfortable. Make sure you know when they need to have grooming done, and only ever take them to a competent professional. Taking them to somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing, or even doing it yourself can be disastrous!

Leave your tips for a happy pet in the comments!


Ryan’s 11th birthday is tomorrow – can you help us give him the one gift he really wants? #homeless

Ryan’s 11th birthday is tomorrow, and because of gas ($34), cell phone bill ($23), and food ($50), I’m $95 short for the NES he has so desperately wanted since winter.

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We’re still #homeless, and Ryan’s 11th birthday is in four days – can you please help?

Ryan, July 22nd, 2017

Ryan, July 22nd, 2017

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