When is your child ready for a cellphone?

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When to Buy Your Kid a Cell Phone, a Guide by Gazelle

Making the decision to purchase a cell phone for your child can be one of the toughest decisions that a parent must make. Sure, a cell phone increases the channels of communication between you and your child, but it is also the first step on a very long path towards ultimate independence. Gazelle, the nation’s leading electronics trade-in site, has put together some points to consider when trying to make this decision.








Portable speakers make it easy for you to share music with family and friends. Whether you’re at a park, on the beach, or simply somewhere outdoors and you want to play tunes for everyone to enjoy, a portable speaker is an essential. Today’s portable speakers can be rechargeable, and often offer multiple connectivity options. If you’re looking for a small but powerful portable speaker that offers a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, high quality sound, and multiple connection options (including Bluetooth), then look no further than the NYNE Mini.


NYNE’s Mini is a compact yet surprisingly powerful little Bluetooth speaker that is just the right size for carrying along in your purse, laptop bag, or backpack. The Mini offers Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth-compatible device (basically any of today’s offerings of mobile devices, including smartphones, iPods and iPod Nanos, iPads, tablets, and laptops), as well as a traditional AUX input for older devices, or simply if you prefer a wired connection. Pairing via Bluetooth is a breeze, and both types of connectivity offer high quality sound output – and for Bluetooth devices that accept input (such as your smartphone), use the Mini’s built-in microphone for hands-free calls, chats, and more!

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker


The NYNE Mini has been a welcome addition to our household. My daughter loves having it outside with her and her friends, my son loves amplifying his iPad’s sound output, and I enjoy blasting music on it while cooking and cleaning. The battery life is amazing and is definitely as advertised, and the speaker itself puts out loud, yet distinct, sound – you can pick up all of the notes and parts of a song (instruments, lyrics). Definitely consider the NYNE Mini as a potential stocking stuffer for this coming holiday season!

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Get Salon-Quality Hair with TRESemme from Walmart!


My hair spends most of summer in a ponytail or wadded up into an octopus clip, but now that the worst of the heat and humidity is over with, I can let my tresses down, and experiment with my straightener and curling iron, volumizing products, and clips for fab looks, even on the days I’m simply working from home. And since the VMAs are here, so now’s the perfect time to head to Walmart for TRESemme Hair Products for your hair care & styling needs! TRESemme’s collections include shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for all types of hair. And just in time for the VMAs, TRESemme is offering the perfect products for hot looks straight off the red carpet:

Image 3

TRESemme has five hot looks and product recommendations available on Walmart’s website. Pump up your look with Pumped Up Pony, knock ‘em dead wit Rock ‘n Roll Waves, turn heads with Full Blown Volume, wow with Super Sleek, or simply shine with Shine Like a Star.

Be sure to head to Walmart for all of TRESemme’s hair care products, and take this $1.75-off coupon with you!

Image 3

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Famous Footwear coupon: buy one, get one half off AND save an additional 15%!

Back to school is here, so now’s a great time to print out this Famous Footwear coupon! Use it to buy one pair of shoes, get one at 50% off AND save 15% on your purchase – if you’re a Rewards Member, you’ll save 20%!

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Head back to school with Intel! #IntelFan

Back to School with Intel Tablets #IntelTablets

Kids these days just don’t know how good they have it. Technology is so amazing. I turned 30 this year, and I wasn’t exposed to my first computer until fifth grade! My daughter Alyssa and son Ryan headed back to school this week, and both of their classrooms are fully stocked not just with the typical papers, books, pencils, and crayons that you’d expect to find in third and fourth grade classrooms, but also with computers, laptops, and tablets! At home the kids use computers and tablets for learning and play, and at school they’re being exposed to all sorts of innovative educational methods via these same pieces of technology.

A Little Umbrella is an elementary school teacher who recently wrote about how great Intel Tablets are to have in the classroom. She has so many great things to say about tablets in the classroom, so go check out her post: A Little Umbrella: How Teachers Use #IntelTablets for Back to School

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